Thursday, September 8, 2016

{ 12 Things to Remember }

I seem to be into lists this week.
This one came in an e-mail from Inspiration List.
I found graphics that I thought went along with each reminder.  

1. The past cannot be changed.
Image result for isaiah 43:18

2. Opinions don’t define your reality.
Image result for let not the opinions of man interfere with the directions given to you by god

3. Everyone’s journey is different.
Image result for everyone has a different journey in the bible

4. Things always get better with time.
Image result for time heals all wounds in the bible

5. Judgments are a confession of character.
Image result for judging others in the bible

6. Overthinking will lead to sadness.
Image result for you say god says

7. Happiness is found within.
Image result for contentment in the bible

8. Positive thoughts create positive things.
Image result for proverbs 4:23

9. Smiles are contagious.
Image result for smiling in scripture

10. Kindness is free.
Image result for kindness in the bible

11. You only fail if you quit.
Image result for galatians 6:9

12. What goes around comes around.
Image result for exodus 14:14

HOPE everybody has a terrific Thursday.....
head back here tomorrow for our 44th Friday Foto Friends!


  1. Love this. Especially #7. That's the one I live my life by all the time. I have those short lapses where I just need my own little pity party and God reminds me my life is what it is because it is HIS plan, not mine. So I pick myself up, dust myself off and go on with the business of being happy.

  2. I love these 12 thoughts! Thank you!

  3. WOW! You are listening to the Holy Spirit there is no doubt my friend. Needed these today. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. This is a great list....each one spoke to my heart. ((hugs))

  5. What wonderful graphics you included, Deb. I DO take issue with #4 however. There are a few things that don't get better with time....a carton of milk for example. :)

  6. Great reminders! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  7. Number 6 is my favorite.
    Great post!!

  8. Happy Thursday to you, too. All of the list is good, but I love number 6 - what God says is much better than what I say.

  9. I love this list Debbie. I think 6 is my favorite too. Your Autumn header is breathtaking. Have a blessed evening dear friend.

  10. These are wonderful. I'm very partial to #3.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24