Sunday, November 6, 2016

{ SONday Scripture }

God often sends me this verse of scripture when I dwell on the past too much and look ahead with worry.  That's what I've done for the last few months during this ordeal with Pappy's ankle and doctor's visits and dealing with worker's compensation and how they are all for the insurance company instead of the patient's well-being.  We are facing yet another appointment on Tuesday and I've fretted and struggled with the outcome, playing over in my head how it's going to work out and what's going to happen in that little exam room and how I want to give everybody involved a piece of my mind. 

But, God spoke His word to me telling me that He's already in that room.  

He's asked me to "be still and know". 

He's working on that doctor, even if she doesn't realize it and the situation will turn out for our good, although we might not see it that way at the time.  

He loves us. 

He wants what's best for us because we belong to Him. 

Ain't our good oh, so good?
Oh, yes He most certainly is!!!

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Happy, happy SONday, sweet Friends!


  1. You aren't alone,Deb, God is an ever present God Trust Him!

  2. I also LOVE that verse...and have been reminded of it so often! Praying for you and your hubby...and the Dr. May God work in her heart and mind and help her to see your hubby as God sees him...and to have compassion and wisdom and mercy! Praying for healing. God is in control. He is already way ahead of you...He's got this whole thing covered! Praise God!!

  3. We serve an awesome God and He knows our needs. Blessed Jesus, please cover Jack with your precious blood for answers & peace, resolutions and a complete healing. Please bring peace and comfort to Deb's heart. In Your precious name, Amen

  4. God is good all the time. Praying for you and hubby - and the doctor! Hugs.

  5. I was just going to comment "Be Still"...and saw that you posted that, smiles. Hope you had a beautiful SONday friend, as always, I am falling behind in commenting here and there.

  6. God is ALWAYS good and after we go through something hard we can look back and see that he has helped us. : )

  7. A perfect verse for you right now. Being still isn't easy. At least for me. I pray that you find peace while God works it all out.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24