Monday, December 12, 2016

{ A Handmade CHRISTmas }

Just a few ideas for making handmade items to give as CHRISTmas gifts.

Burlap "wedding wreath".

Burlap purchased 3 sheets in a pack at Wal-Mart.
Handmade rosettes hot glued to bottom of wooden frame.

Burlap stockings with felt appliques.

A crocheted scarf.....

Wood burned ornament.
(wood burning is my latest passion....
it because it's so much like coloring!)

This year's ornaments for our grand-kiddos!

A little owlie ornament made by one of our grand-boys out of acorns, bark and twigs and given to his Nannie because he knows how much she loves owls.

Oh, how I love that boy!

What about you?
Do you make any of your gifts?
Do you like to receive handmade items?

HOPE everybody has a great Monday.....

only one more before CHRISTmas!

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  1. You're SO creative, Deb. I admire that in you.
    I do NOT have talent in that department, for sure!

  2. One of these days I'll have more time to craft and create again!! Those are all adorable, and especially the owl made by your sweet grand!

    1. What great creations and wonderful gifts!
      You really are creative.

  3. Love the little owlie! I have made home made gifts in the past. This year there is too much going on to do it and I just didn't start early enough.

  4. Oh those are all so wonderful! You are very talented. I am not so crafty. I keep thinking that now that I am retired I will start being more crafty, but so far it hasn't happened. Maybe NEXT year! LOL

  5. What beautiful gifts you have created! They will be treasured by the recipients. And I love the owl from your grandson!!


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Proverbs 16:24