Friday, February 17, 2017

{ Friday Foto Friends #67 }

I don't normally do a theme for my pictures for our link-up (unless it's the sky) but for some reason this week steeples stood out to me.  Maybe it was after I shared the one from our church last week.   

And, I need to give a shout out to my hubby because he's the best at helping me get photos of just what I want for our Friday Foto Friends!

Are you prepared for picture overload?

Isn't our county courthouse a beautiful building?
That's a statue of Ms. Dolly Parton!

One of my favorite things about these pics is that the church ones are from all different faiths.

HOPE everybody has a great weekend!


  1. Thanks most sincerely for hosting and for sharing such lovely images of churches and bell towers of so different styles, but all so very cheerful and attractive, dear Debbie!

    Wishing you a beautiful day, today,
    and a wonderful end of your week ahead,
    sending hugs and love to you

    XOXO Daniela at - My little old world - (Dany)

    1. Hello Daniela, this is Mary from Visits With Mary. I visited your beautiful blog and enjoyed all your pictures. I wanted to leave a comment but could not find a 'comment' button. Hope you see this...

  2. Love the theme of steeples. You know that's the first thing I notice whenever I pass a church or place of worship. So true, some are so majestic and beautiful. Thank you for sharing dear Debbie. Have a day and weekend of blessings.

  3. I enjoyed seeing all of the different styles of steeples, Deb. Thank you (and your husband) for going on the hunt and coming back with the goods so that we could enjoy the variety of steeples out there.

  4. Beautiful! I love the look of steeples on churches. So many new ones are forgoing this wonderful symbol of our faith.

  5. There are three things I love seeing pictures of....the clouds/sky, barns and church steeples/old churches. You always make my heart smile with your photos on Friday. Love ya sweet lady.

  6. I love the steeples. And you have some very unusual ones. That is so cool and as we are driving, I always love the sight of a steeple towering above the trees.

  7. What a great subject you have today in the church steeples. You certainly take good pictures. Happy Friday and upcoming weekend.

  8. Love your steeple pictures!! So many unique designs! I made it here after all, but re posted one that I've never posted on Friday Foto Friends before. Thank you again for this lovely opportunity to connect with so many dear friends. Re: Steeples, I worked in a church that had a magnificent steeple, and it had to be totally restored while I was working there as the Church Administrator. It was a HUGE and very expensive project, but turned out so beautiful. The church is an historic building, so many people donated to "Save the Steeple", which had many memories for so many in the community. The only thing that frustrated me was that the money it took to restore it could have build another whole church...but...well, I believe the steeple inspired many people to think more about their relationship with the Lord, so God uses many ways to reach people...even a steeple!!

  9. Steeples are so pretty. I love them up high, reaching into the sky. The courthouse is beautiful, old buildings like that are so much more attractive, with lots more character than some of the modern ones we have today. Of course, I'm an 'old-fashioned' old lady!! But I'm still kickin.' lol Love ya Deb, have a great day!!

  10. Very nice collection of Steeple pictures.

  11. Thank you for hosting! I love your photos!

  12. We just got back from holiday/vacation and Hubby always finds interesting churches for me to shoot, so I can relate to this post! Nicely done.


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