Monday, February 6, 2017

{ Then I Met The Master }

My Algebra I an II teacher in high school, Mr. Daniel Blalock, posted a link to this song this morning on Facebook sung  by The Booth Brothers.  It brought back such memories of when I was a little girl and I'd play albums by The Statesmen and The Blackwood Brothers for my precious Daddy.  

Thank you, Mr. Dan, for bringing back sweet memories of my Daddy and his love for our "Master".

HOPE everybody has a Marvelous Monday!


  1. I love gospel music, thanks for sharing!! Hope you have a Marvelous Monday too!! ((hugs))

  2. Beautiful! Those Gaither Homecoming videos have such a wonderful feel to them and I love the gospel songs.

  3. I have always loved the Gaither group's singing and songs, and this was a very special one indeed.

  4. What a beautiful, heartwarming song! I had never heard it before, but Mom said that she had. I love watching the Gaither Homecomings on TV. The music is so beautiful and brings tears to my eyes. Thank you Mrs. Debbie for sharing another blessing with me and others. I love you bunches

  5. I'm sitting here listening to gospel music right now (Gaither homecoming ), and enjoying this music. Seems like we are all on the same wave length!!!! Praise God!

  6. {{{grinning}}} thank you sweet friend.


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Proverbs 16:24