Wednesday, February 15, 2017

{ Wednesday's Word - Fruit(ful) }


producing good or helpful results; productive

synonyms:  productive, constructive, useful, worthwhile, helpful, beneficial, valuable, profitable, rewarding, successful, effective

Each week  I ponder and pray on what word to select to focus on as my Wednesday's Word.  More often than not, God points me to a word that He wants ME to think on and apply to areas of my life.  This morning, in two different devotionals, as I read the scripture references I was led to the word fruit and some of my favorite Bible verses.....

Image result for galatians 5 22-23

I had jotted this down in my Bible.  Although I didn't reference who said it, I'm pretty positive it came from our pastor.....

Love = Joy and Peace
Patience = Kindness and Goodness
Faithfulness = Gentleness and Self-Control

I'm always curious as to what numbers mean in the Bible and since there are nine fruits of the Spirit.....
and 9 Beatitudes (which begin with "blessed are", by the way).....
isn't it amazing that the meaning of nine in scripture is "divine completeness"?

Here's what I feel God is speaking to me.....

If I show love.....
I'll experience the joy of the Lord, 
which has nothing to do with happiness.  
Happiness depends on external circumstances, the joy of the Lord is within.

If I'm patient.....
(that can be a really big IF for me at times).....
I'll be kind and show goodness toward others.
(and the only "good" in me is Christ)

If I'm faithful.....
I'll be gentle in how I treat others and react to situations and show self-control in holding my tongue.....
oh, my there's another big ouch for me.

I'm pretty sure y'all are thinking right about now what a bad girl I can be at times.  
And,  you'd be right.  

But God.....
oh, how I love those words.....
He loves me and He's a God of mercy and shows that to me each and every single morning because He tells me that in His word.

So, if this can be helpful to any of you, that would be great.....
but I know that God is teaching me to be full of these fruits so that I can show His love to others!

HOPE everybody has a Wonderful Wednesday!


  1. You? Bad girl???? nooooooooooooooooooooo--say it ain't so, girlfriend.....(grinning & giggling)--- Have a beautiful day friend...

  2. Deb, What a great post about the fruit of the spirit. I love it. I taught on the fruit of the spirit once and I told the ladies that is SELF CONTROL had of been first I probably would have bailed out of the teaching the lesson! LOL! Good stuff today. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Beautiful words to meditate on. I did a study of what numbers mean Biblically. It is amazing and shows how God does have patterns the He follows. All of your words today have meaning to me. What a lot we'll have to talk about at Cracker Barrel!

  4. He certainly does have a way of getting our attention doesn't He? I know as I read down over these words that are the fruit of the Spirit I was convicted of a couple of them...especially when it comes to "reacting" to a situation instead of using self control. I've really been working on that one.

    A great post, my friend!

  5. We are all still learning how to be "fruitful"...and thanks to God's Holy Spirit...He never gives up on us...keeps loving us no matter how rotten our fruit is...and He keeps filling us with His joy and beauty...whether we get it right or not. This was good...yes, He's still working on me!!

  6. I love your post today, it really touched my heart. I think I must jot down those words in my bible too. What they mean to you just gives me more reason to know what a wonderful Sister in Christ you are, always keeping it real !! Sending you a big ((hug)) across the miles!

  7. I enjoyed this post. I need to work on all of them.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24