Wednesday, April 12, 2017

{ Wednesday's Words - Seder }

Seder - 
The Passover Seder /ˈseɪdər/ (Hebrew: סֵדֶר‎ [ˈsedeʁ]
 'order, arrangement'; 
  is a Jewish ritual feast that marks the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Passover

Although our family isn't Jewish (we're considered those amongst the Gentiles), we participated in a Seder meal last evening prepared entirely by our precious daughter.  This rates very highly on my list of things that I don't think I'll ever forget, another being the washing of  feet at our first Ladies' Retreat at our church. 

The "blood" over the door post as we entered.....

The children of Israel escaping Egypt.....

Jess' description of what each of the items of food represents.....

 Shalom.....meaning "peace".
This is how we were met at the door by our two littlest grands.

(for the record that's Welch's grape juice in the glass)

An attempt to capture each of us at the end of our meal.....

If y'all ever get a chance to participate in something like this, PLEASE don't hesitate because that's not your "religion".  It gave such an intense meaning to what our precious Jesus did with His disciples before His death on the cruelest of crosses.  I'm in tears as I type this now. 

How....just how.....could He love me that much?

Thank You, thank You, thank You!


  1. That was totally amazing to read and "see". Thank you so much for sharing. Jess is unbelievable. Her talents know no bounds.

  2. Oh I have enjoyed this Deb. I attended a Seder once as well. It was very interesting and I enjoyed every moment of it. The crowd we had that night was small so we all actually got to participate just like a meal. It was eye opening to me. Our Bible study on Wednesday nights has been leading up to Easter and the crazy part is this was not planned at's just how it has been going as we are in the book of Mark. But a few weeks ago one of my ladies said, "We are so quick to RUN past the CROSS and straight to the RESURRECTION. The Cross hurts as we have to think about what Jesus had to endure. Well, it made me think. So last Wednesday, as painful as it was, our class went to the CROSS! We all left with the song in our hearts....AMAZING LOVE, HOW CAN IT BE, THAT YOU MY KING WOULD DIE FOR ME! But oh how I give praise that YES, He is ALIVE! Happy Easter Dear friend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Love this!

    Happy Passover

  4. This was absolutely wonderful. I had to do some research on a Seder meal and found it so interesting. As much as I support Israel I was not familiar with this Hebrew tradition. This would be a great thing for my GLOW group, a little late for this year but hopefully we'll do a Seder meal next year. Jess did great !!

  5. Oh so precious. I am so glad you shared that with us. Would love to do that. So wonderful to see the connections with the Messiah and the Passover.

  6. We have participated in Seder meals in the past and I so enjoy them. I think it is so special that you did this with your family. Beautiful.

  7. That is absolutely wonderful and so meaningful. So glad you had the chance to experience it.

  8. AMEN!!!! Sweet friend, amen....have a beautiful upcoming weekend.

  9. Awesome! What a wonderful way to deepen your appreciation for the Last Supper Jesus shared as a man and the meaningfulness behind this!


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