Thursday, August 17, 2017

{ THANK-full Thursday}

*thankful that one of the three little hummers has finally found the feeder on the window and just sits quietly and drinks while the other two fight it out!  And, he/she seems perfectly content to let me get a foto.....
even kinda poses for me!

*so grateful to be invited to tag along to Dollywood yesterday.....
including free passes.....
to spend the day with several of our Special Friends group from church and their director. We absolutely love these people and are so blessed to be a part of that ministry.

*thankful for the precious Lady who donated money to pay for all of our lunches yesterday. She'll never see this, but I HOPE she does know how much we love her!  Please say a prayer for her and her husband.

*more birdies in the yard.....
actually this time on the porch.
Pray I don't drown the little fellows/gals when I water the fern.

freshly hatched

just like a kiddo.....
mouth wide open wanting to be fed.
(reminds me of our grands.....;-)

*grateful for the wisdom and discernment that can come only from the good Lord because this old brain just ain't functioning on all levels these days!

*sooooooo thankful that I'm "seeing" an improvement in the lines and squiggles in my eye. Thanks to all of you who are praying!

*read this gratitude from another sweet Lady, but I've gotta agree.....
it's such a blessing to have a Dollar General Store just down the hill from our house in such a rural area.....
it's so convenient.
Maybe even a bit too convenient, if you get my drift!!!

*so thankful to still be getting maters and cukes and peppers from the garden!

*y'all, I'm so thankful and blessed to have  been able to "retire" early.  I know that between that and Pappy losing his job in 2012 and then permanently in 2016, it's been a struggle at times.....
no vacations, cutting out cable and the weekend newspaper and a land line phone.....
but God.....
aren't those amazing words?!?!
He has provided in ways that I could have never even imagined, showing up at just the right time.  I told somebody I'd much rather depend on Him than to think that I'm doing anything on my own.  Plus, I'll never regret all the time I get to spend with our grand-kiddos and being "on-call" when needed.

Okie, dokie.....
I'm gonna stop right there before I write a novel.

Well, except to say.....
life is good, Y'all.....
because God is good!

Happy Thursday, Y'all!

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If any of you followed the link in the photo I used last week for my Thank-full Thursday, I want to apologize for the site it led you to and the language that was used at the top of the site. I was flabbergasted when I went there and I've since removed the photo from this blog.  Just goes to show that we need to ALWAYS check out the link when we use images from Google.


  1. Love the picture of the little hummingbird and also the baby bird. So adorable! I love the Dollar General and Dollar Tree Stores too. I still have some tomatoes growing too. Hope some ripen again soon because they are so good this year. So glad to hear you are enjoying your retirement. One of these days (probably next fall) I'll get around to retiring too. As I said yesterday, I'm looking forward to it but a little scared too for such a big change in my life.

  2. I am thankful for you my friend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. haha - we're Dollar Store twins. I have that on my list today too :)
    THAT BABY BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... I'd be sitting out there with a protective eye on that baby all day long. SO neat you get a up front view of it.
    DOLLYWOOD!!! We havent been there in years. I need to get back. I ADORE Dolly <3 & all things Pigeon Forge

  4. "grateful for the wisdom and discernment that can come only from the good Lord"

    Amen to that!!!

    Cute bird... :)

    You know, you listed cutting cable as kind of a minus, like something you had to do-- but that might be the best thing you've ever done! ;-) haa haa...I just say that because, well, the world is a vampire.

  5. Awww, sweet birds! Lots of gratitude there. Thankful for your blog.
    Happy Thursday

  6. Favorite photo is the baby bird in the nest waiting for food with its mouth wide open. : )
    We have a Dollar General right down the street from us too just .4 of a mile.

  7. Great birdie captures!! I would love to get to Dollywood and the first thing I would do is look up Brenda! What a great time you had! I'm late getting around to blogs, but I'm here! Enjoyed your Thankful Thursday!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24