Friday, February 23, 2018

{ Friday Foto Friends #119 }

Some weeks I have very few fotos and others it seems I have way too many to share in one post. This has been a week of plenty because our temps here in East Tennessee have been ahhh-mazing, even breaking records set in previous years and I've gotten outdoors more.  I still managed to get some of my decluttering/purging done, but oh, how difficult it is to stay indoors on such gorgeous days smack dab in the middle of winter! 

Here are the ones I narrowed it down to share with Y'all, but it's still a bunch!

The daughter standing on her Momma's back!

 My beautiful Lenten rose blooming.

 My Momma and me on her 84th birthday this past Tuesday!  Yes, she's itty-bitty and no she does not color her hair. Isn't that amazing?!?!?  

 Found my very first rock this week!

 I took a walk over to the woods at Mom's and got a few fotos.....
lichen growing on a tree limb.

As much as I roamed those woods as a kid I'm not sure I ever saw this growth on an oak leaf. Google taught me that it's actually called a gall and there's a larva inside that fuzzy orange ball that matures into a gall wasp. You can read about it here. 

Mushrooms growing on a dead pine tree in Mom's backyard.

This silly squirrel.
He/she obviously loves sunflower seeds.
I told my brother that he even posed for me!

That's it.....
I'll share the rest next Friday and hopefully even more!

HOPE everybody has a great weekend!

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  1. Enjoyed all the fotos this week. Especially the one of you and your MoM. The rose is just beautiful and the squirrel is so cute!! Hope your Friday is Fantastic! AND the goats are 'so cute' too!!

  2. That squirrel looks so cute. Your weather is very warm indeed if you and your mom are out with no jacket on. You both look very lovely and it's amazing her hair has remained it's original colour. It is very hard to declutter when the weather is lovely enough to take walks. Have an awesome and blessed weekend.

  3. Great pictures. We were just watching funny videos of goats yesterday at work. They are so adorable. In every video some goat was climber on top another goat or even on a donkey and I had to wonder why they like to stand on top of somebody else. Too cute.

  4. Good morning, Debbie. I need to find a Lenten Rose. Yours is the second one I've seen a picture of and they are just beautiful! Loved seeing the picture of your sweet momma. She is beautiful and you favor her in your beautiful looks. Imagine...being 84 and still having her original hair color! Amazing. And that squirrel! He truly does look as if he was posing for you. Loved it!

  5. Loved your photos...Love that you had that special time with your Mom...what a blessing! Treasure those moments...I miss my sweet mama so much. Love the squirrel...what a little ham he is!! So funny. Love the owl must go read my post today...there is something there especially for you!! Happy that you were able to get out and take so many fun pictures. The goats are adorable...and the leaf with the gall, I never knew that either... and the lichen and the mushrooms...all so amazing. I love God's creation, don't you??? Yes, I know you do. have a blessed day!!!!

  6. Cute squirrel photo's. Love your photo's, sorry I haven't any this week, lots going on. Hopefully next week I can join in, but I will visit the ones posted.

  7. Lovely picture of you and your mom. : )

  8. I cannot tell you how lucky and blessed you are to still have your mother. I lost mine in my 30's. Lovely photos today!

  9. Goats and squirrels! I loved your photos and that one of you and your mom is so precious! No question that you two are related! Hugs!

  10. I loved every one of these photos! Just great.


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