Friday, March 16, 2018

{ Friday Foto Friends #122 }

I'm turning into my Mom talking about the weather all the time, but, Y'all, this is so true for East Tennessee weather this week.....

Image result for if you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes

We've had rain and snow and cold and wind and clouds and sunshine and warmer temps all in just a matter of days!  The poor flowers are so confused.  Here are a few that are blooming in our yard right now.....

Tomorrow it's supposed to be near 70 with the "S" word in the forecast for next week!  

Okay, Folks.....
weather rant is now over.

HOPE everybody has a great weekend!

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  1. Lovely flowers. Your blossoms are way ahead of ours. I'm sure the sunshine will make both you and the blossoms very happy. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Love the photos of pretty flowers and blooms Debbie. Wish I was seeing them in my area too. So far only snow and clouds and cold. Have a day of blessings my friend.

  3. Those purple flowers at the top are amazing! Are they lillies?

  4. Your flowers are lovely, in spite of the crazy weather! I can sympathize with you...although we haven't had any snow...we've had crazy temps all over the place too. It was down to freezing temps several mornings this week, with a lot of wind. No rain, which we need desperately...and now next week it will be back in the 80's every day. We can't figure out what to wear most days...but I am thankful that we haven't had any severe storms. Praying for those who have. I do love your flowers. We can't grow those here in Florida, so I always love to see them when others have them!! Enjoy for me!! Have a blessed and beautiful day, whatever the weather!!

  5. I will rant right along with you about this weather. East Tennessee sure likes a change in the seasons. I just wish it didn't go through all four seasons in one week. I'm looking forward to warmer days and bluer skies but I know enough to know it isn't likely for awhile. Stay warm. Enjoy what little sunshine we get.

  6. Our weather is much the same here, Deb. We've had several inches of snow this week and a LOT of wind. Thank you for the breath of spring with your gorgeous pictures today. I'm looking forward to one day seeing the same in our yard. :-)

  7. Very pretty, signs of spring around here, sigh....more snow, more snow, more snow....sigh

  8. Your flowers are gorgeous!!

  9. Your flowers look great, for all they've been wise. This has been a crazy weather year for everyone. Hope all is well with you and Jack, wishing you a very happy and blessed day!!

  10. We just seem to have more and more snow and cold. Though it is nice and sunny today though only in the 20's.

  11. Such beautiful flowers. Nothing here yet and we are in the 30sF today with more storms coming.
    High winds etc.
    You brightened the day with the flower photos!

  12. Spring flowers are so pretty and give us hope for much better weather!

  13. Winter weather sure has been crazy this year! I loved seeing the signs of spring in your yard though, but I hope that the snow forecast changes! That would not be good for all those beautiful flowers! Blessings to you sweet friend :)

  14. our weather has been crazy as well. Our Daffodils are mostly done already, the surprise lillies (Naked ladies) are coming up, our hyacinth are just coming up, however my grape hyacinths are coming up really good (thats the little cluster that looks like grapes) love the different colors of the daffodils, I will be uploading my pics here shortly

  15. I found your link up through harley chick.

    Do you do this each week? I'll have to join in!

    God bless you.


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