Thursday, June 28, 2018

{ Thursday Thoughts }

Just an observation:
If time flies, how can some days seem to go on forever!


We've been having monsoons in our neck of the woods.....
really strong thunderstorms and heavy rain!
My Momma, who for many years was somewhat obsessed with keeping her yard mowed, ALWAYS says this about the rain.....
"It'll make the grass grow!"


Remember last week when I told Y'all about how my cucumbers probably have 500 blooms but I've only gotten 3 cucumbers because of a lack of honeybees to pollinate them? Well, I saw one lone bee in the garden one day this week and if you happened to go by and see me talking to myself, I was actually asking Mr./Ms. Bee to please invite his/her buddies to my garden!  Our grands laughed at Nannie for talking to the bees! 


Am I the only person who wants to do a happy dance when I can get a shopping buggy pulled out of the line-up? H
How many of you call them buggies vs. carts?


Do you call the things that get hot on top of a stove burners or eyes? I've always called them eyes.
That's another "burning" question!
Get it.....


Oh, and remember my desire for a she-shed?
Well, Pappy has found me one but we're having all sorts of trouble getting somebody to haul it for us who doesn't want to charge a small fortune.  Anybody reading this want to help an old lady out?  Here's the shed, but I want to paint the blue trim red, turn it sideways and put a door and two windows on the side, along with a porch! I've got dreams, Y'all!!!

Image may contain: plant, tree, house and outdoor


I'm heading out in a bit to get a haircut! Gonna go shorter this time since it's summer.....
just don't give my daughter a heads-up!
Get it.....
haircut, heads-up!!!


So, that's that about that!

HOPE your Thursday is terrific!!!

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  1. {{{Giggling}}}} You have me rolling this morning...thank you, needed it. I have huge bees pollenating in our flowers on the front porch. Let me see if I can get them to fly south, giggling. smiles

  2. I haven't been seeing many honey bees for quite a few years now. Very sad.
    I call them burners and shopping carts. A boy at ShopRite taught me how to pull them out when they get stuck but I forgot how he told me to do it! We have to use a quarter to get one so they stay neater, etc.
    I like your shed plans and I pray you find someone to bring it home for you.

  3. Such fun stuff and great things...I call them burners, but have also called them eyes...can't wait to see what you will do with your she-shed. Praying someone will help you get it home. Can't wait also to see your new hair-do. Be sure to show us now that you've gotten our curiosity up! Maybe something for tomorrow's foto friends! Praying for the honeybees to find your cucumbers quick...

  4. I call them cats and burners. I can usually get the carts free, but often I get the ones that are wobbly or pull to the left or right. Drives me crazy 😜 I hope you enjoy your shorter hair.

  5. I call them carts and burners.
    I'm letting my hair grow just a bit.

  6. Burner; cart; and hooray for the she-shed find! Sure hope someone steps up to haul it in for you. Do keep us posted!!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24