Tuesday, July 24, 2018

{ These are a few of my favorite things }

Is Julie Andrews voice swirling through your head after reading that post title? 
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Just thought I'd share a few of my favorite drinks and treats.....

 Oh, so good and tangy - $1/box/Wal-Mart:
1 Country Time Lemonade On the Go Powder Water Drink Mix Sugar Free (6 Packets)
My obsession - but this flavor ONLY -  $.50/bottle/Wal-Mart:

Image result for clear american ice black raspberry flavored sparkling water

There's a Checkers not too far from us. I'm not a fan of their food because it's quite greasy but their chocolate/vanilla swirl ice cream is AWESOME. I get mine in a cup and it's only $1.00, Y'all! (and the sign says 140 calories if you're counting)

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And, in keeping with the food theme.....

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HOPE your Tuesday is Terrific!


  1. Okay. I need to see if we have a Checkers around here. lol

  2. Sadly, no Checkers around these parts. Enjoyed your post, so true about peaches, giggling. smiles

  3. I love lemonade and ice cream so you got me there ;-) That's is such a true statement at the end.

  4. I'm right there with you when it comes to the drink from Walmart. They are really really good! xx

  5. I've never tried those drinks...I pretty much stick to regular water and unsweet iced-tea in the summer....hot tea in the winter, although we drink iced tea here year round. The ice cream looks good. And I've had some great fresh peaches lately...I'm hungering for a good peach cobbler...I think I need to do that soon before the fresh peaches are all gone. Thanks for the refreshing reminders.

  6. Good stuff!! We do Crystal Light lemonade in our bottled water. Will have to look for the Country Time! We haven't been to Checkers in a long time. I've had a milkshake there but have not tried the ice cream. Yum!!

  7. We love Country Time lemonade too, and I enjoy the flavored waters, Mr D not so much. The quote made me laugh, ain't it the truth. From one juicy peach to another, have a great day!!


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