Thursday, August 2, 2018

{ THANKful Thursday }

I once heard a minister say that he and his wife had never had an argument and I decided that obviously, they didn't speak to one another because how can you live day in and day out with another individual and not ever have a disagreement about something.....
Is that even possible, not only in a marriage but with a parent/child relationship or even in a friendship?

Marriage is hard, Y'all!
It HAS to be a chord of THREE because, without CHRIST as the center of our marriage, I'm here to tell you, I'm not sure we would have lasted. We've had some really difficult times that I wasn't sure we'd get through - just being totally honest and transparent right now because I don't want anybody to think that life is "picture perfect". Oh, no....there's been some "airbrushing" to help cover up the flaws in hopes nobody else would notice.

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But with all the difficulties marriage can bring, I wouldn't trade MY man for anything in the world. The older I get, the more I appreciate him, especially his patience (with me) and how he treats others (my Momma for instance), but most importantly - 
his love for Jesus!

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Sometimes he reads my blog, sometimes not, so even if he doesn't read this, I want to publicly declare my love and thankfulness for the man God sent for me to do life with - the Daddy of our daughter and Pappy to our 4 precious grand-kiddos!

I've shared this foto before and if we're Facebook friends, you've seen it as my profile picture, but it's one of my very favorites of us because of the genuine happiness I can see in our faces and the love I feel for him in my heart!

Ain't God good?
Oh, yes HE is!!!


  1. When folks tell me they have never argued or had words with their significant other, I would like to call them out on it. Just saying, because if your thinking it, then its still an issue, get what I'm saying?

    What a great post, Deb, smiles. Great photo, smiles

  2. Oh yes He is!! Love the pic of you two. Mr D and I went through a very bad time years ago. Once we got things back on track I think we were closer and stronger. God was with us.

  3. Oh Yes! God is very good! Love this post Deb and the openness and truth you are expressing. Terrific photo too. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. Yes! God is GOOD! So true about marriage.

  5. Such a lovely Photo :) your joy is so plain to see.
    I would not swap mine either not for anything x

  6. Very hard to believe that a marriage can exist without some disagreements. I can testify that putting God first in a marriage makes all the difference. Just read my testimony page on my blog!!

  7. God is good!! That is a great photo and I agree with you. There are disagreements in any relationship. It is hard to believe there is a marriage somewhere with no arguments or disagreements... we are all human!! Faith helps us keep it real!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24