Tuesday, September 18, 2018

{ Who Wants to Cry? }

Let's talk a little about prayer.

Prayer is such a wonderful blessing and privilege that so many of us don't take full advantage of.  I've always felt like I have a good prayer life but I want to be perfectly honest with you about something. There are times that I pray little short prayers instead of getting into a really deep conversation with the Lord because.....
I know that I'm going to wind up in tears.
I don't mean just a few tears in the corners of my eyes.  I'm talking about boohooing and pouring my heart out to Him and asking forgiveness of sins (yes, I'm a sinner - we're ALL sinners) and praying for others and just sharing my heart with Him. It's during those prayers that I find it difficult to stop, although I'm crying because that's when I feel the closest to Him. It's like He's right there wrapping His arms around me to comfort and console and let me know that I'm truly His.  

This was one of those mornings and I felt like maybe I needed to share this with Y'all just for the sole purpose of telling you to NOT  be like me. Don't hesitate to pray because you know it's going to end up being a cry fest and you don't want to walk away from where ever your "war room" is looking like a total wreck because of the tears.  It's okay! The tears will dry up (He tells us He wipes away our tears) and the swelling will go down in the eyes and you'll feel like a burden has been lifted and will have peace in your heart to face the day!

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  1. Sometimes a good cry cleanses our emotions. I don't think God minds your tears. Psalm 126:5 Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy.

  2. God has given us those tears and I remember Mary wept as she washed Jesus feet. Plus, He saves all those tears in a bottle.

  3. Oh Debbie, me too. I cry so much that I can't see, even when I'm reading my Bible. I pray Lord I can't see to read with these tears, and honestly my eyes clear up until I start boo-whoing again! Precious moments with our Lord!

  4. Oh girl, I get it...I truly get it! Hugs and blessings to you dear friend. I love you so.

  5. Oh, this was so wonderful, Debbie. Yes, we all need to have those special times of prayer where we really get down to business with the Lord and let it all out, tears and all. I fear that we don't do this often enough...I know I don't, and then things really build up and we find ourselves running to the feet of Jesus and falling down and praying and crying and pleading with Him to understand. And He does. He always does. He's always there waiting, no matter how long it takes. So thankful for our very gracious and patient and loving Savior. He understands what is going on in our hearts and doesn't judge or condemn. He just waits. Thank you for this very candid and open post today. I needed it.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24