Friday, November 16, 2018

{ Friday Foto Friends #156 }

 I can't believe it's Friday again already and   THANKSgiving is NEXT WEEK.  Say what?????  Time really does fly the older we get!

Here are my fotos for this week.

Instead of a  CHRISTmas cactus mine decided to bloom for THANKSgiving.

Purple is my favorite color just in case Y'all didn't know. 
 I Kroger's mark-down flowers. 
Purple roses for $1.99 is a win-win!

Just a glimpse of the gorgeous skies over Mom's house one afternoon.

HOPE everybody has a safe and happy weekend!

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  1. Love the purple roses. My sister's cactus used to bloom on Easter and we always called it the Easter Cactus. LOL! Never understood why it was really a Christmas Cactus. Have a blessed day and weekend dear Debbie.

  2. The weeks do go so quickly by. I love your flowers and sky shot. I hope my Christmas cactus will bloom for Christmas :-) xx

  3. Aaaah, the cactus. I love it.

  4. Love the purple roses and the sky. Have a great weekend.

  5. Every year, I wait for the blooming of your beautiful Christmas cactus. I absolutely love it. But I am one of those "can't even keep a cactus alive" plant people. I would love to have one of my own, but it would live long enough to bloom!

  6. I love purple too. My Christmas cactus usually starts blooming sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, mine aren't looking very healthy this year. I may have to get some new ones. Love the purple roses. I love roses of any color! And yes, the skies are so the clouds. How often do you study the clouds? We do every time we take a ride we look for faces and things in the clouds. It is such fun to see the beauties God places in the skies for us to enjoy! We are a blessed people!!!! Praying your weekend is good. I know it has been a difficult week...and then next week is Thanksgiving...but God is Good...All the Time, God is Good! He will see us through!!

  7. Beautiful flowers! Is that something Kroger does on a regular basis? I need to check that out. Gorgeous sky! Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

  9. That sky is as pretty as our Florida sky! Those roses are gorgeous! I used to have a Christmas Cactus. They are so pretty when they bloom... whenever they bloom!!

  10. Love the colors...and the Thanksgiving cactus!

  11. Such a pretty rose, and a great sky shot, ours has been a bit like that today.


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sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
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