Tuesday, November 12, 2019

{ A Tuesday Tip }

I believe the writers left out the chapter of my 'Aging 101' book about sensitive gums. Anybody else experiencing this as you get older? Ouch!  I bought the Sensodyne at Walmart for around $5, which was way more than this frugal old gal wanted to pay, but it hurt so much to brush my teeth. Plus, it was supposed to work 'rapidly'. Then, we found the Sensitive at Dollar Tree.... 

and, Y'all, after only a couple of days I can tell a huge difference in the soreness. 

$5 vs $1

Just thought I'd pass this along!

Oh, and there's not really an 'Aging 101' book.... 
but maybe we can all collaborate and write one! 



  1. Debbie, I'll be the first to buy that book!

  2. Oh my! I know what you mean. I do use Colgate Sensitive toothpaste. I didn't know Dollar Tree had it...I will have to check it out. If it works, that is the important part! Thank you for the info!! We all need to help each other with this process called "aging 101".

  3. I use Sensodyne and get it at Sam's. I will be looking for Sensitive! Thanks for the tip! It is probably a good thing there isn't an Aging 101 book. It would most likely scare us to death!!


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