Friday, August 21, 2020

{ Friday Foto Friends #193 }

Not a lot of excitement going on in my neck of the woods this week - well, I did set up a new group page on Facebook to try to sell a few of my crocheted items to help support a local ministry - I'd be honored if you'd like an invite if you don't already belong. I think if you click on the pic below, it'll take you to Facebook!

I spent some time yesterday helping one of our grand-kiddos with his school work and afterward, we walked around the yard. These sunflower heads were piled in the back of the pick-up. I can't even describe how huge they are. We bought our oldest grandson a packet of seeds back in the spring and these were what they harvested to save for seed.

Wish you could see the actual color of this one because it was the deepest of purples - the color of my car!

The sky in our girl's back yard when Si and I were taking a walk!

I hope when I get to heaven the good Lord allows me a view of the sunrises and sunsets - although I'm pretty sure there's gonna be much grander sights! I've said before we don't live where we can see out too well, but I did get a glimpse of this out the back window last evening - so pretty!

And, you know I've gotta share a foto of my girl....just look at how much Sage has grown in the last year!

HOPE everybody has a great weekend!




  1. WoW, those are some big sunflowers! I'm so excited for you on your new venture, Wild Old Owl Creates! (cute name) I hope you're able to raise a lot for your special cause. Sage is so pretty, I love pets, dogs or cats, they are so comforting. Sending you ((hugs)) across the miles.

  2. Sage is beautiful!! I miss my black & white tuxies! Your sky photos are gorgeous! Sunflowers always make me smile. There is just something happy about them, isn't there! Have a good weekend, dear friend!!

  3. Love those huge sunflowers! Some birds are going to love those seeds! (And squirrels too, if you let them...) We are having some glorious sunsets lately! God is working overtime painting His masterpieces in the skies everywhere! Your Sage is such a cutie. So glad you have her.

  4. Oh I do enjoy sunflowers. We just planted some for my annual "In Memory of Marty's Mom (AKA Nanny Conner". Girl...I wish I could help mine with homework! See here....they too smart for me and I am afraid they would not want my help. LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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