Friday, May 5, 2023

{ Friday Foto Friends (on time this week }

 How does Friday roll back around so fast? I feel like my life is just passing me by. A very wise man told me about 4 years ago that I was going to have to start living my life. Sitting in church this past Sunday, I truly feel God speak to me through our pastor's message. It was about letting our circumstances define us and that was a very big ouch for me because I've done exactly that for way too long. I had to ask God to forgive me because He truly is the Only one who should matter in my life and He's the one who defines who I am....

nobody but Jesus!

Mercy, that gave me a whole new perspective on my situation and then several other things have happened this week, sweet advice from friends, revelations of things I wasn't aware of....

so much food for thought!

So.... in "living my life", I spent Wednesday with one of my dearest friends. She works for Dollywood and she treated me to a day out and about. It was wonderful....wore me slap out, but it was so worth it. (I'm getting old, Y'all) My mind has wandered back to that day several times....

the weather, the sites, but mostly the precious friendship!

 The two fotos above were of the chapel. 
It's so pretty and the 4 sisters who sang and played were sooooo talented!

 Dollywood is currently celebrating it's Flower and Food Festival so the flowers and topiares were just beautiful.

Loved what this said.

I think this was the first time riding the train since Jess was a little girl. 
I remember years ago when they had the gun fight on the train ride up the mountain.
(fake of course)

This one represents Dolly's Momma making her coat of many colors.

"Love is like a butterfly"

This is my favorite foto I took. (besides the selfie with my friend) I've seen fotos of these umbrellas for years but finally got to see them up close. And look at that sky and puffy clouds. I didn't alter this one bit.

These last two photos were of me helping to make an ornament by blowing into the tube as he shaped the glass. I would've never done this on my own, but my friend went and paid so what choice did I have?😊 (I did partly pay her back with lunch) This was so much fun and of course I chose shades of purple with a tad of orange to match my bedroom colors!

Ain't God good, Y'all?
Oh, yes He most certainly is!

HOPE everybody has a great weekend. 


  1. Helping to shape that ornament must have been great fun! I had no idea Dollywood boasted all of this.
    We're really not that far. Hmmm.

  2. That is so beautiful, Debby! I love the ornament! I do hope you will hang it somewhere noticeable all year round. I enjoyed all the pictures and may borrow the one of the potting bench to share with my son, who builds things... I went to Dollywood many many moons ago. It has changed a lot apparently. I don't really remember much but that our kids had a good time. They were young then, so it has to have been over 30 years ago! Wow, time sure does fly when we are having so much fun! LOL. I enjoyed your post so much and am happy for you to have had such a nice time. God IS good!!

  3. What a great day you had with your sweet friend!! Thanks for sharing the photos with us, Deb! That umbrella installation must really be something to see in person. Wishing you a blessed week ahead! xo


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