Friday, June 16, 2023

{ Friday Foto Friends }

I kinda skipped out on Y'all last week.
Sorry about that....
and only have one foto to share this week. 
While my kiddos were on vacation, I took care of cats and watering her vegetable garden and a few other things. This is a lavender bush in her garden. It's huge and loaded with bees and...
smells heavenly!

Not to even mention that it's purple, right?

Does anybody have exciting plans for the weekend? 
Leave a comment and let me know (so I can be envious...😉) 
I wish I could say that I do, but alas....

I live a boring life, Y'all!

Happy, happy Friday!


  1. Beautiful lavender!! Thanks for sharing your lovely photo! Nothing exciting for me. I had lunch with my friend, Shirley today and will pick up a BBQ box dinner tomorrow (Saturday) which is a fundraiser for our mission team to go to Jamaica this summer. I am a greeter at church on Sunday. Cleaning and laundry will be worked in, too. How exciting!! LOL Love & hugs!

  2. Beautiful photo. Nothing exciting for us, but I kinda like it that way. Take care.

  3. OH, I LOVE lavender! How wonderful you can grow it up there! I did have a small pot of it once, but it finally died. We just don't have the right climate for it here in Florida...too hot. But that is my favorite scent of all. No big plans here, but our youngest son will be here tomorrow after church and I have bought some steaks for him to grill. So that will be it. Our other son is still on vacation and our grandson went back to Maine, so it will just be we three, but still good. Have a blessed weekend no matter what.


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sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24