Sunday, May 26, 2024

{ On the porch }

 I think in the last couple of weeks I've only missed one morning of my front porch sitting. One of my favorite things is listening to the birds. They're waking up and welcoming the day with what I think of as praise. I think of my Daddy... he loved the birds! He especially came to mind yesterday when I heard a mourning dove... he really liked doves. If you love bird watching and listening, you might want to download the Merlin app. It's absolutely free and all you have to do is hit the sound identify button and it'll pick up and list the birds it hears. It's so neat! Here are a few I heard this morning....

Hope everybody has a great SONday! 



  1. You have a lot more birds around than we do here where I live. Out at my work location, though, we have lots of birds. I will have to download that app so I can figure out what I am hearing!! Thanks!! xo

  2. You have a bigger variety than I do, mainly because we are not in an area with lots of trees. We live in town....but we have a few and I love porch sitting where I can enjoy the ones that do come. Sparrows and Mocking Birds are plentiful, and love the feeder that Mr D keeps just outside my window. It's so nice to enjoy the birds while in the house.

  3. Wow.. what a great list! I see more seagulls , hawks and eagles here by the bay. I need to look harder and learn what to look for too.


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