Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Following a Dream

Since I quit my full-time job in 2006, I've prayed and asked the Lord....that if it's HIS will....for HIM to send me work so that we would have extra income.  I've never felt led to go back into an environment where I would be working full-time in an office.   
It just seems that I always go back to what I can do with my hands.
Sunday, our pastor brought a message that talked about the three "T's" that we all should give to HIM!!!

1) Our Time
2) Our Talent
3) Our Tithes

Because after all....all 3 of these things are from HIM to begin with!!!

Over the years, I've been blessed with people who would buy some of my handmade items.  I was asked by a young lady at church to make some of my owlie pillows for her little girls for CHRIST-mas gifts....and Sunday evening a lady told me that she would love to buy one of my handmade purses!!!

So....the some people....but not so much to me....has been there all along.

     I've spent a lot of time "brainstorming" ways to get this little venture up and running....and an idea was born.....

 Wise Old Owl Designs

And.....if you know me very know that I had to find a verse of scripture to go along with it.
  It's one that I've used several times 
here at  Jeremiah 29:11.....

Ecclesiastes 9:10
Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might. 

So....I would be so honored if you would take the time to go check out....
.....and sign up to follow!!!

I'll be posting things there periodically that I'm making and hope to include in an upcoming Etsy shop!!!

Thanks to all of you who have sent me e-mails....left comments....and ordered from me in the past!!  You'll never know how much your kind words and thoughtfulness....and especially your encouragement....means to me!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. This is the only way to succeed- leaving it to God to direct your path. I wish you great success with your business and I'm headed to the website in just a sec. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Please stop by and visit me on Society of Socialpreneurs, and I would love to offer you a free VIP Membership for the year.

    Teresa Olvera


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