Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thrift Stores, Yard Sales, Etc.

Do any of you like thrift stores...yard sales...estate sales??

Well, I've never been really big on thrift stores...not until yesterday!!!
Four generations of us went to a thrift store for their holiday half price sale....Mamaw, Momma, Nana (me), and the 2 boys (there's actually 5 generations of us, but we didn't think the other Mamaw would care to go walking thru a thrift store at almost 97 years young)!!! When we got there, the parking lot was absolutely packed!!!! With our economy the way it is, it's no wonder we have to cut back where we can, and why not in clothes that are gonna be outgrown, out of style in no time!!!!
So....wanna hear my deals?!?!?!?....4 pairs of pants (one pair was Tommy Hilfiger, and one pair Chic)....a winter skirt (Sag Harbor)....2 sweaters (Alfred Dunner and Bobbie Brooks)....a pair of black sandals....a pair of camo jeans for Punkin (Old Navy)....a cute shirt for Punkin (all clothes to be passed on to Little Bit)....another Hawaiian shirt for Punkin/Little Bit (so funny...for those of you who know Pappy, you know he LOVES Hawaiian shirts...Punkin kept pointing at the shirt and saying Pappy...well, actually the sound he makes for Pappy...it was so cute...he already knew it looked like something Pappy would wear!!)....and finally an apron to wear outside to hold my weeding/potting tools...so....wanna know what the grand total was?????....a little over $18....yes, that's right, folks...all that for under $20!!! I was so happy...of course, there went my spending money for the week...but....now I have some pants to wear on our upcoming mission trip (more on that later)...and since I don't know what we'll be doing, I didn't want to pay a lot for "new" clothes. So..run over to your local thrift store and check 'em out. Oh...one more thing..there's one in Jefferson City, and I like it because the proceeds go to Appalachian Outreach..get some deals and help out a worthy cause at the same time!!!
But..the best part about the trip wasn't the bargains..it was us spending the time together...we had such a good time...like I said in my last post...always remember to let people know how much they matter to you!!!


  1. yeah!! that is all fun estate sales, yard sales best fun ever. where is the resale shop you went to yesterday?

  2. It's in Knoxville!!! We've came to a couple in Morristown. I really like the one on Morris Blvd, but can't remember the name!!


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