Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Church Family - Continued

I told you..old age..menopause..keeps a gal from thinking straight sometimes!!!
After thinking about my Sunday post of people who mean so much to me at our church....I thought of a few "initials" that I left out.....and I'll probably think of more as time goes on, but...I want to add a few more.
CH....I first met this lady at Ladies Bible Study....then WMU....I don't think she has known a day that she wasn't in pain for the past 7 years. We had a pastor once (at my "old" church) who spoke on Mother's Day about our spiritual mothers. That is what this lady means to me. She took me right in and loves me and I pray for God to send her relief from her pain, as I know she has prayed for me many times!!!
Another one I left out is RD....this lady has had no children of her own....but she is a Mom to so many nieces and nephews....she taught school, so look how many lives she influenced there. She is very special to me!!!
NW....talk about a living testimony of what the Lord can do!!! I am just getting to know you thru my "new" SS class. You are a very special lady!!!
KB and RB....always smiling, always friendly...thank you Ms. K for Dollywood...you are so kind!!!
And...there have been some who no longer attend our church, for whatever reason...moving away...led to worship somewhere else....for those of you reading this, you know who you are. You know what impact you had when I first came to Beech Springs and we were in LBS together!!!
A very special shout out to AH....I thank you so much for reading my little blog, and especially for all the sweet comments. You are a very special lady....a precious Mom....like I told you, I wish we could have gotten to know each other better in person....but thru our e-mails, we have become friends!!! Love to you!!
Now...I know I will think of others....and if I do....I'll add a few more initials.
Until then....try to always take the time to let people know they matter in your life!!!

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