Friday, May 30, 2008

Four For Friday

Four for Friday
Okay...I'm going to attempt this again this week, even though I like to have never made it to 4 last week. I will never do 10 on Tuesday!!!
  1. First of all...thank you to my daughter. Look at my new header!!! YEAH!!! Isn't it beautiful. She did that for me, just out of the kindness of her precious heart, and sent it to me last night. I'm surprised I even figured out how to insert it as my header....anyway.....I LOVE IT!!! And, I love her, too!!!
  2. I'm having lunch today with a lady I used to work with. We've remained close, since I quit my job...almost 2 years ago...WOW!! Time flies when you're having a good time with your grandbabies!!! Anyway, if she reads this....Ms. mean a lot to me....thanks for your friendship!!
  3. VBS....we're having VBS starting Sunday night, thru next Friday night. Tomorrow is the kick-off, from 4-7 at the church (Beech Springs Baptist Church in beautiful downtown Kodak, TN). Anyway....please know that everybody is invited, you don't have to be a member there. Be sure and bring your little ones. A nursery will be provided (by yours truly and Pappy...we love holding those babies)....and there is also an adult class. Come and enjoy hearing about what Jesus did for us...and continues to do for us!!!
  4. Finally...#4...last but definitely not least. #4 is a tribute to Pappy. He played such a huge part in me quitting my job. He wanted to be the one who worked and provided, which is Biblical, whether us proud ladies want to admit it, or not. And....hubbies should be the spiritual head of the household. Anyway...he was very concerned about my health...I was having chest pains and some other problems. So....he wanted me to quit long before I was ever able to actually turn in my notice. He works all the overtime that he can for bills and spending money, and I just don't ever give him enough credit. I know that we were meant for each other (even though I don't tell him nearly enough)'s what this post is for....hubby...Pappy....I love you with all my heart!!!

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