Saturday, May 24, 2008

Prayer Request for Mom

Hey, everybody!!!
This has been a very long, exhausting day. I've actually gotten a lot done yesterday and today. I think I must be going thru one of those "nesting" phases where you just want everything in its proper place and clean and neat. Not that this house will ever be neat....but at least I can shoot for clean!!!
I have a little prayer request. Please say a prayer for my Mom. I have had her on my mind so much the past couple of days. I just do not spend enough time with her. I went down Thursday evening and dug up some bushes she wanted rid of, and planted a hydrangea bush for her, and then we sat and talked. Now, don't get the wrong impression....I do not do enough for her, so this was nothing!!! But...if you still have your matter what your relationship is/was with her...she's still the only Mom you've let her know you love her. She was trying to cut a limb off a tree yesterday, and the limb slipped and came up and hit her in the eye/nose, and she looks like she's been in a fight. So, say a prayer she will heal and the pain go away.
In case she should ever read this....I love you, Mom.
And, thank you so much for always doing without so we could have!!!

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