Monday, June 9, 2008

Blue Monday

Blue Monday!!!

Maybe I jinxed something by saying I would post on Monday's in blue!!!

Yesterday, our pastor brought out in his message how if you aren't going thru troubles right now, just wait....well, I sat there thinking that things were going pretty good in my life right now!!! Wrong thing to be thinking!!!

Pappy took me to church early for a meeting, then went to get gas in my car!!! He had security again last evening at church, so I sat by myself, and after the service he came and told me he had to drive his truck back to church car wouldn't start!!

Now...we've been having no problems with my car's sitting in the yard (he parked it there because there was some shade)....Mr. BK is supposed to come take a look at it sometime today...but...I have no wheels....can't go see the boys left my favorite jug/mug at church that I drink my tea out of!!


I'm having a pity-party Monday!!

Poor pitiful me!!!

"Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I think I'll go eat worms!"

(Just kidding!!!)

I know...things could be much worse...there are people much worse off than me...who don't even own a car....or, can't afford to put gas in the car they do own....what an economy we're living in!!!


Say a little prayer that there's nothing major wrong with my car!!!

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