Saturday, June 7, 2008

VBS 2008 - Colorful Posts

VBS 2008

We had a wonderful celebration last night....each class did such a good job with their songs and signing to the music and words!!! We had 418 enrolled and 24 made the ultimate decision to accept Jesus into their hearts!!! WOW!!!
Ain't God good!!!!!

Changing the subject:

I'm going to start using a different color for each day I post...I researched what color represents each day, but didn't like what I's what I came up with in my own feeble mind...and why!!!

Monday - know..."Monday blues" :(
Tuesday - orange - no reason!!!
Wednesday -brown - hump day..camels have humps..camels are brown..don't laugh!! ;)
Thursday - Purple...just because I like purple!!!
Friday - green - Payday!!! $$$$$
Saturday - Yellow...we always want our day off to be bright and sunny!!!
Sunday - red because of the blood Jesus shed on the +++++++ !!!

Okay...let me know what you think !!!!!!!

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