Monday, July 14, 2008

Pet Peeves...Likes and Dislikes

Not my usual post...but, here goes!!! Do you ever just get disgusted??? I truly try not to...but sometimes.....I am only human and the old devil just gets his way, and I'm just not pleasant to be around. Can you even believe that???? is a list of my pet peeves...a few of my dislikes...and a few of my likes. I hope by the end of this list I feel much better!!!

1. I have so much trouble with dishonesty...don't you, too??? My Mom used to tell me it didn't matter what I did, even if I killed somebody, to just be honest about it, to never tell her a lie. Boy, do I know what she was talking about. Tell me the truth even if it not lie to me!!!

2. Stabbing me in the back, but eating me up to my face. Okay...this one really irks me. Have you ever known somebody who was so drippy sweet to your face, but at the same time was sticking a knife in you and twisting it??....and getting pleasure out of it?!?!? Or....getting pleasure in things that go wrong in your life??? I've discovered that these people are very insecure, or they wouldn't have to draw their pleasure from other people's pain!!

3. Messes...I do not like messes. My basement has needed cleaned out the very least....10 years!!!! Every year we say it's going to get done...and every year, more and more gets piled down there. I actually kringe when I walk down there to my car...which, by the way, there is just enough room for me to park it and a small path leading over to the steps!!!
Maybe this year..................we'll see!!!

4. More messes....why is it when you try to do something constructive that you usually wind up creating an even bigger mess???? I feel like my entire house is total chaos at the moment!!! For ever how many years we've had our refrigerator, the cabinet above it has needed to be cut off because the fridge is to tall to fit under not ask me why, but Pappy chose to finally saw it off hanging on the wall because he couldn't take it down....sawdust...a fine little all over EVERYTHING in my kitchen and Lord willing....I will be wiping and vacuuming tomorrow!!!

5. Don't you just detest going out to eat with somebody, and neither of you will decide where to eat??? "You pick, no you doesn't matter to me, well, it doesn't matter to me, either"!!!! This happens almost EVERY time Jessica Leigh and I go to lunch...and me and Pappy had an argument at lunch today about this very thing, so we wound up coming home and I fixed lunch...which is what we should have done in the first place...much cheaper!!!!!
So...if any of you have a solution to this problem, please let me know!!!

6. Phonies...I guess this goes along with #2...backstabbers!!! But, some people are so phony....boy, Jessica Leigh can spot one a mile away!!! But, not her Mom....she has to get suckered in and somebody has to stick that knife in deep and twist it several times before she catches on!! AARRGGHH!!!

7. Blogstalkers!!! Why, oh why, will people not leave comments on your blog?!?!?! I've left comments on people's blogs that I don't even know, if it's something that I enjoy reading, or if they've asked for a comment. Again....if you know why, please let me know...oh, but that would mean leaving a comment, wouldn't it????

I'm starting to feel a little better, after getting all the above off my I guess I need to start listing a few of my likes!!!

1. Chocolate...I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!! Thanks to my dear Daddy, I have the world's biggest "sweet tooth"...I think all of my teeth are sweet!!! My Daddy loved father, like daughter!!!

2. Clean sheets...why don't they stay feeling that way longer???? Why doesn't somebody invent sheets that keep that fresh, crisp feeling all the time, so we don't have to change them so often??? (I thought this was going to be likes...but it's sorta a gripe session, too...sorry!!!)

3. My early morning walks...I LOVE them!!! I haven't walked since last Thursday...could that have anything to do with this funk I'm in???? Maybe, so. I plan to walk in the morning....for a long time...maybe on into the, can't do that...gotta clean my kitchen!!!

4. Good friends....who listen!!! I haven't been blessed with a lot of "good" friends in my lifetime. Oh, there were grammar and high school "friends". Like I used to tell Jessica Leigh...not everybody is your friend...but if you are blessed to have a true, blue friend...then you are truly blessed. If you are one of my true blue know who you are...because I have finally gotten to a place in my life that I allowed a couple of people "in"...I am very private, and I have a hard time admitting to others that I'm not Little Miss Perfect, and that my life isn't just picture perfect!!! Can you believe that?? MY LIFE IS NOT PERFECT!!! I AM NOT PERFECT!!! There, I've said it out loud....admitted it to the world...well, at least who ever is reading this...and won't leave a comment. Anyway...thank you my dear friends...thank you my prayer partner!!!

5. Cardinals...I love cardinals...I have only shared why with Pappy...Jessica Leigh...and my prayer partner. I won't share it with you's a secret...but I love red birds!!!!

6. My family....I love Pappy....I love Jessica Leigh and her hubby...I absolutely adore my grandsons....did you hear me?!? I ADORE MY GRANDSONS!!!

7. Since seven is a "perfect" number, I'm going to end on number 7....why??? Because I'm feeling better, and because I'm running out of things to list!!! So..since 7 the sign of perfection...I want to say here and now that I love Jesus!!! He knows when I'm in a funk...He knows why...people around me may just ignore me, or hurt me, or treat me in ways that I would rather not be treated...but, you know what??? God won't do me that way. He is so good to me...He loves me...and I love are the words to one of my favorite songs...I'm sure you've heard it:

Jesus loves me, this I know,

For the Bible tells me so.

Little ones (and big ones, too) to Him belong.

They are weak, but He is strong.

Yes, Jesus loves me.

Yes, Jesus loves me.

Yes, Jesus loves me.

The Bible tells me so!!!!


  1. deb...
    I'm sorry I truly enjoy reading your blog. It has taught me a lot about how God will bless if you obey Him. By the way I bought Ginny Owens sound trak Friday and I planned to sing it in church this coming Sunday pray it is a blessing to someone has much has it has myself. It seems like everytime I am in a opportunity that will benefit Christ like I am right now God gives me a new song to sing. You would not imagine how many songs God has given me this way. Example: different titles "You don't have to bare your burdens alone". "Keep me in your Will." this song I tried to sing about a month ago with my little sis in church and I couldn't sing it from crying a little to close to home at the time. My pastor made that comment when we finish. Our songs God gives us we do not go out seeking them. When my parents were in their accident God gave my sister "Mercy said No." That one is extremly hard for us to sing in church in fact we cried through it everytime. This song was playing on the radio when my sis seen the accident and she knew God had given it to her for comfort at the time.

  2. you're so funny. i can just hear you saying these things as you type!

    i, too, hate messes........especially all these clothes. i try to do good and put them in the proper order, and it only makes for more mounds of clothes everywhere. i want to scream. everyone is in bed, but me. . .and i can't straighten them up, b/c half of them are in sam's room....ahahahahaah


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24