Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Recipe

How many of you like deviled eggs????
I do, I Big Brother would say!!!
Well, Pap doesn't like only time I get them is if I make them to take to a family get-together. You know how that goes???? take something one time and it somehow gets to be your allotted dish...but that's okay by me.
This recipe...if you can call what I do to it a "recipe" actually a variation of one that I got from my baby brother's wife....many years ago...because I was making these eggs before my Dad passed away.
He loved deviled eggs....but he did not like cottage we never told him that they had cottage cheese in them, and he gobbled them right up!! Was that mean??? Sorry, Daddy, if it was....I still remember the very last Thanksgiving we had together...14 years ago...and you ate my deviled eggs...and you loved them...and I!!!
Anyway...I'm getting way off's the "recipe"!!!

First...start off by boiling your eggs...duh?!?!?
As long as I've done this, I've FINALLY discovered a little trick....when you boil the eggs, put "plenty" much is plenty???....I don't know...put several shakes of salt in the water...and it helps them to peel more easily....the worst part about makin' 'em to me is the peeling!!!

Then....put all your yolks...and the whites of the ones that don't peel "pretty"....well, the ones that you don't pop into your mouth because it's early Thanksgiving morning and you're hungry....anyway....put them into your bowl (I love this's "Tupperware", and I got it when Jess was a Tupperware consultant....ask her about that!!). What I love even more is how easy it is to mash up the yolks and whites with this pastry blender (Pampered Chef...from when Ms. Marenda was a consultant!!) Don't you love having friends in high places???
Plus, I love it when a job is easy!!!

Gather your'll notice with these ingredients, the deviled eggs won't be as high in fat as "normal" deviled eggs where you use mayonaisse. Plus....the cottage cheese makes them light and airy...and....if you feel like you're cutting back by eating a lower fat deviled egg...then you can justify an extra piece of something...anything...CHOCOLATE!!!!
At least that's my philosophy!!!
As you can tell, I have way too much of my Mamaw in me to follow a here's what you start off with the Miracle Whip...put enough in to make the mixture creamy, but still a little're going to add that entire container of cottage cheese. It's one of the small containers, plus I'm deviling around 25 eggs (Pap has a BIG family). If the mixture is still a little thick, then just add a bit more Miracle Whip...can you tell I don't like following a recipe????
Then...add salt and pepper and mustard to taste. The mustard also helps the mixture to be more "yellowy" (is that a word???)...which means prettier eggs...and we do want our eggs to be pretty!!! Then...and it's not keep the mixture from being too tangy...add just a pinch of sugar...just a little...a little will go a very long way!!!

Another trick I learned...and I love taking to put your deviled egg mixture into a zip lock bag and cut a corner tip off....easy, easy, easy way to "squirt" the stuff into the empty egg doesn't look too "pretty" so you'll have to take a spoon and smooth over the tops...unless you're not concerned about is where I have way too much of my Momma in me!!! Just ask Jess...but, hey, she'll turn into all of us one of these days...sorry, Jess...just forewarnin' 'ya!!!

And...the final result...two platters of eggs accented with Paprika to make a lovely plastic egg trays....ha! ha!....if you only knew the beautiful deviled egg dishes I have....and I take them in plastic dishes...oh, well...I've gotta be me!!!


In His Love...and with mine!!!


  1. I love devilled eggs, and thats my staple too, i always fix the eggs.
    I don't do the paprika though, I don't much care for that, but I will have to try the cottage cheese, sounds very interesting. another thing I do to help the peeling to be easy, is add vinegar in my water, I do the salt thing too, but also vinegar, try it sometime.
    they look pretty!
    I usually take mine in my moms hand-me-down brown tupperware egg holder, and like you, I have very pretty ones, I don't know why I don't use them?? crazy huh? LOL


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