Saturday, January 3, 2009

Post Christmas Depression......

Do you all ever feel a little blue after the holidays, or am I the only one??? It seems there is so much to do leading up to Christmas...then, when it's over....well, it's over! Kinda like having a're pregnant for 9 months and you are so happy and looking forward to the baby getting here and people are throwing you showers and you're getting gifts galore and fixing up the nursery and you're getting lots of attention. Then...the baby is born....and it's all about the baby and people come to see the baby and people want to hold the baby until he/she cries then it's handed back to Momma and they leave you all alone with the baby and the bottles, or nursing, and the diapers and the sleepless nights. Is it any wonder that lots of new Mommies get the "baby blues"???? Did you??? Well, I'm just gonna outright admit it...I DID!!! So, Christmas...well, the celebration much the same as having a baby. You buy the gifts and wrap them really pretty, then they're opened and the gift is usually tossed aside, and you're made to wonder if they even liked it. You're left with a huge pile of wrapping paper and gift bags and boxes that you have to do something with. And, the cook and try to please as many people as you can with what they like...and then, you're left with a piles of dirty dishes and....if you're like me....5 extra pounds that you have to find a way to get rid of!!
And...don't even get me started on the decorations....why is it so much fun putting them up but taking them down is such a hassle???? I'm beginning to see why people keep those icicle lights hanging on their houses year round (just kidding!!!)!!!
All this makes you just wanna say:
"Calgon, take me away!"
(you young 'uns probably don't even know what that means....
go Google it!!!)
But...for us older ladies, we can't even use Calgon, and you know what I'm talkin' about!!!!
So, see what I're caught between a rock and a hard place.
Okay...what does this have to do with the price of milk, you might be asking yourself about now?!?!?!?

Probably nothing at all....just wondering if the rest of you feel a little bit of a let down after the holidays? Things start to get back to "normal"...the excitement is gone...people have to go back to their jobs, or school, or their mundane routines.
So, here's what I'm getting at....I just took a really long route to get here:

What do you do to beat the after-Christmas, long winter, lack of sunshine days???
I'm looking for help here, People!!!
Share your thoughts with me...let me know your ideas...and I'll share them with the rest of you next week!!!
In His Love...and with mine!!!


  1. i'll face it come monday. when brant is back to work. . .then his long days at work. . .i'll be saying the calgon thing, and yes, i know what that means!
    i'll just go visit lafayette road everyday to keep me smiling.........hopefully.

  2. you're not alone, most of us get the blues and the down-in-the-dumps, but few will admit it.
    I think we wear ourselves down so much, we can become physically ill.
    we spend months preparing and then in a's all over!!
    we'll all have to help each other overcome our winter blues. I don't have any ideas right now, but I'm thinking LOL.
    p.s. just knowing that spring is right around the corner seems to help me out :-)

  3. I seem to be having the same problem. *sigh* (post holiday depression)


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24