Friday, January 2, 2009

Prayer Requests

The past few weeks have been crazy, mixed-up, and my posts have gotten all out of my normal order...which is pretty random, at best...but....I haven't shared prayer requests with you all in a couple of weeks, and I've received, here goes:
1. Please pray for my Mom. She rarely gets sick, but she's pretty run down trying to take care of my Mamaw since she fell. She shares the duties with her sister, but Mom is the older of the two, so please pray for her. She has a terrible cough and just isn't feeling well at all. Remember her, please...her name is Rhonda.
2. My grandmother - Mamaw is doing much better, but she is so very weak. I can tell such a difference in her in the past few months. Christmas was wonderful, as all of us (not that I have such a huge family)...but all of us, except one cousin, was there to see her and she loves for her family to be around her. She even dictated to Mom and my Aunt what she wanted fixed, as far as food, and boy, did we have a feast. We even had STRAWBERRY COBBLER!!! Oh, yum, yum, yum. Mamaw ALWAYS had strawberry cobbler at every get-together I can remember...well, my Aunt took after Mamaw in the cooking department, so she made it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was delicious!!! See how easily I get distracted when it comes to food...sorry :( ....please say a prayer for my Mamaw.
Her name is Onalee!!!
3. Paul Mayfield - Mr. Mayfield has cancer in his tonsils, so he will be having surgery on January 15th to remove his tonsils, some lymph nodes, and a knot on his jaw. Please pray for him and his doctors, and his family. Mr. Mayfield is the father and father-in-law to a young couple who lives in our neighborhood.
4. Please pray for all those who are sick with the stomach virus, or the upper respiratory infection. It seems like once this stuff gets started, it just doesn't stop until it makes it's rounds. Pray for some cold weather that might kill out some of the germs!!! Does that really work?? I've always heard and thought that it does!!!
5. I have a friend...who has a friend....and they are having trouble with their daughter. You know how that can be sometimes...they want their freedom, but yet aren't really ready for the responsibility that comes with it!!! Pray for this family that God will give them wisdom and discernment on handling the situation...also please pray for the young lady that God will keep His guiding hand on her...and that she will keep Him in her life!!!
If I've left out anybody, or anything, please give me a shout so I can add it!!!
In His Love...and with mine!!!

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  1. sorry i've been absent. . .i've been absent in all my blogs. i'll try to do better. i did manage to post something on my blog since you said when am i going to?

    anyways. i'm going to go put my hair in rollers.


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