Thursday, February 5, 2009

I had a date!!!

I've got a confession to make.....I had a date all ended just a little bit ago. It was with a much younger fellow. I know you're probably shocked.....well, I'm not, I'm very proud of it....and the thing is.....Pappy knows all about it!!!
We ate fruit.....fed each other puffs......drank milk.....even slept together.....okay, I know that was probably TMI.
But, I even documented it in pics....take a look!!!

Nannie and her play date!!!
Look at that solemn little face....I promise he does smile!!!
He and Big Brother have both loved this bus....
it was a yard sale find!!!

Notice the little rocking chair....that was mine from my Papaw and Mamaw when I was....I don't know how old....I'll have to ask Mom. Uncle Beecher recovered it several years ago!!!
Okay, we didn't actually sleep together.....he did go to sleep in my arms, then I laid him on a pallet in the floor.....isn't he just the sweetest little angel????
Look at this face.....when I would start to take his picture, he would scrunch up his precious little face!!!
So...I know by now you're totally jealous of my play date this morning!!!
I would be if I were you and I didn't have dates like this.

On a serious note....this morning was wonderful.
Of course, most of you know that Little Bit is the youngest of our 2 grandsons. When Big Brother was born, I got to hold him and rock him and get him to sleep and spend time with him. Well...since the boys are so close in age, I haven't had the opportunity to spend as much one-on-one time with Little Bit.
So, today was a very special day for us!!!
I think this was probably the first time, since he was a tiny baby, that he slept in my arms....I held him and cried!!!
Thank you Lord for your blessings on me!!!
In His Love...and with mine!!!


  1. thats too sweet
    have a great day


  2. I glad you had a wonderful morning. It is for sure the boys have an awesome grandmother and grandfather.

  3. I did that a lot with Jonpaul, especially the sleep together. Didn't have that opportunity with Tabitha for her stays were in childrens hospital when she was born and that took bonding away. She wasn't like Jonpaul who would fall asleep in my arms. I did enjoy the very few times with her when she did and that wasn't often. God did give you cute little blessings and big ones too!!

  4. looks like you 2 had a busy day!
    he's so precious and very lucky to have such a loving nana and pappy.
    love ya!

  5. oh that is so precious! i love all the pictures!

    he's so adorable!

    i love him and his brother SOOOO much!


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Proverbs 16:24