Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The BIG Easter's finished!!!

I've been cleaning house....all day....and feel so good that I got so much done....some of my windows are now
(still have a few to go!!!)
My living room hasn't been this clean in a long time.
I told Pappy last night that the house being so cluttered was really getting on my nerves.
Included in the mess....was this wreath laying on the kitchen table....which is where I usually do my "crafting". I just couldn't seem to find the time to get it finished. I stopped in the middle of my vacuuming to finish this one up....because....I couldn't bear the thought of all that Spanish moss still all over my kitchen table and the floor!!!
So...I took the one I showed you all the other day...
this one...and moved it to the back door...and hung the newer one on the front door!!! can now see my kitchen table...
and all the moss has been vacuumed up!!!

In His Love...and with mine!!!


  1. must be something in the air, I've been cleaning all week too! I think it's because i started walking, it gives me more energyLOL

  2. p.s. luv the wreath by the way!

  3. hey!

    love it.

    the colors are so vivid!!!

  4. what a cute wreath. Oh, can all of you pass some of that spring energy here! I need help in that department. My house is a mess too.


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Proverbs 16:24