Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Photo

Did you notice that I changed my photo?'s one reason why....this one probably looks more like me than most you've seen on here!!!
I'm getting very, very gray and it shows up even more when I'm outside...and most of the time, unless you go to church with me and that's the only time you see me....if you run into me at Wally World or the $$$ Stores....
I'll be wearing a visor!!!
It hides a world of imperfections in hair styles....okay, I'll fess actually keeps me from having to have a hair style!!!
Am I a bit on the lazy side???

Yeah, probably...but...that visor has sorta became my trademark!!!

Plus...see how happy I am in that pic...that's what our boys do for me...they are so good at making Nannie smile!!

And...speaking of "our boys"....say a prayer for Pappy and me...we're keeping them for the night tomorrow night and all day Saturday....and since I'm getting "senile" (you know who you are who called me that...ha! ha!)...I know what I'll be doing after church on Sunday....

NAP TIME FOR NANNIE (and Pappy, too!!!)!!!!!


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