Monday, February 8, 2010

Keepin' it real

Some of you have wondered why I combined Wise Old Owl with Jeremiah 29:11.
My blogging friend, Ms. Rhonda, wrote a post on Saturday that I absolutely loved....and the entire time I was reading it I felt a little tug at my heart and soul....saying.....this is why I wanted you to combine your blogs!!! 

I want you to see me as a "real" person....full of ideas and dreams.  I want to share with you my shortcomings and how I have bad days....and how I struggle with some of the things that life throws at me!!!   After reading Rhonda's post, I also read something in an e-mail that I received....and it was along the same lines....the lady mentioned how you, as our readers, can't really see can't see my size and that I desperately need to loose A LOT of weight, or how I dress....for instance, you can't know that right now I'm sitting here typing this in sweats....and not fixed....and my house looks like a cyclone ripped thru it because we're doing a major rearrangement.  I want you to see me and what I like to create and craft  and to know that my crocheting is very therapeutic for me.  I want to share with you things that mean the world to me....our family....our grandsons....our  church.  I know some people didn't quite understand....but this is what I probably should have done to begin with, instead of trying to write two blogs.  
Wasn't that silly, try to separate my "Christian" side from my "personal" side?
Because.....I am who I am....and everything that I share with you makes up who I am.  My husband used to have a boss who said that he was able to separate his Christianity with how he supervised his employees. 
How could he do that? 
In my humble opinion, he couldn't!!!
First and foremost...I am a sinner saved by the grace of God who sent His Son to die for me (and you!!!).  I love digging into scripture and finding out new're never too old to learn!!!
But, I also love sharing other things with y'all...sometimes it's just a simple little craft that I've been inspired to do (after all any talent we have does come from the Lord!!!).  Another lady put it this way about blogging....she said that she felt that when she reads somebody's blog she's driving past in her car and the person writing the post has the lights on allowing a glimpse into their life....
.....I loved that description so much!!!

So....since I titled this "Keepin' it real"....I'll share with you what my Saturday morning was like. I have a terrible cold.  Woke up and thought I was gonna loose my voice (I'm thinkin' Pappy might have prayed for that to happen....LOL)....but, he suddenly got inspired to do the rearranging we had talked about  since the first of the my house was totally topsy-turvy, something I'll share later on next week.  And....instead of finishing up what was started early in the morning....he had a meeting to attend at he left....our bed was loaded down with about 20 sweaters (yes, it's an addiction of mine)....a book shelf sitting in the middle of our den that's moving to the bedroom....our armoire in our bedroom taken apart and emptied to move into the living room to hold the TV that has  been in the bedroom for years....because I no longer want a TV in the bedroom.....something I wish I had never started....a TV in the bedroom, I mean!!!  You couldn't sit on either our couch, or love seat,  because they were both loaded down with things removed from the aforementioned bookshelves.  I wanted a nap because of my cold, but there was no place to lay down, except a bare spot in the LR floor.  I was soooooo overwhelmed by my piled up house, which caused me to eat...and eat....and eat.  After Pappy left for his meeting, I decided to eat a light lunch...but instead I ate about 4 "light" lunches!!!!  I had started writing this before I ate, so when I sat down to finish....I felt stuffed....and guilty!!!  And...Pappy's meeting lasted over about 4.5, needless to say....our house is still a wreck!!!
And....I didn't even share with y'all what a terrible funk I was in on Friday....and the day before....which also makes me feel guilty because I have nothing to be in a funk over!!!
Sometimes for us girls, it's a never-ending cycle!!!!

So...anyway....I just want to share with y'all that Christians have bad days, too.  But, as a Christian, we know where our faith is....and that things will get better.  After all, we're only human....and we have emotions that sometimes get the best of us.  It's just knowing that "this too shall pass".....and "nothing ever stays the same", one of my Mom's favorite sayings....and we have to keep our faith and trust....and our our Savior!!!

Job 5:7 (NLT)
People are born for trouble
as readily as sparks fly up from a fire.

So....with all this being many of you can relate to this lady?

(photo credit here)

Blessings to you!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. I loved it I loved it...the whole made of you < Spiritual & Natural > is a success! Love the Valentines Day background...precious ....hope that soon you will find a place to rest and ditch the cold...
    I enjoyed the read, it was interesting and I could follow the flow of your that is good writing! :0) ... It is 7:18 and at 7:30 I hit my actual prayer closet I shall close but I wanted to say.....BRAVO for the "KEEPING IT REAL"...luv ya Deb

  2. Good blog, and it's nice to know we all have those kinds of days (many days too) and that pic at the end, I know describes me for sure. Love ya............... :)

  3. This kind of honesty prods us all to more authentic living. Sadly, most of the time when we only portray ourselves as we WISH we were, we are actually fooling ourselves as much as other people. Thank you for your honesty.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24