Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Owlie Fun I wasted some time looking up owlie foods....and you'll never believe some of the cute things out we go, as our baby GRAND-son likes to say....

Aren't these the cutest little things....of course I'm not sure I'd have a lot of candy corn left to use as beaks....I love that stuff!!!   Go to Oopsey Daisy and check out the recipe!!

One of my favorite web-sites is Living Locurto.  You'll find some of the neatest, most  creative ideas a lot of free printables!!!

Would you believe....moon pies?!?
Check out the how-to at Southern Living.

 If you want to get really creative....and fancy....check out this recipe book I found on Amazon.

If you've never heard of've got to check out her site....cake balls and cake pops and cake bites....and all sorts of other goodies.  I've seen her on the Today show....she's amazing!!!

Create your own owl pattern....mine would have to be more whimsical, though!
This one can be found at My Recipes.

 How about an owl-themed baby shower?
Makes me want to have another baby....okay GRAND-baby!!!  These cute creations can be found at Grin and Bake It!

Here's a super simple idea for decorating cupcakes to look like an owl....found at....where else....

....Real Simple!!!

And....just in case any of you out there are really super creative....and want to do something really super nice for me for my birthday :)....check out these amazing owl birthday cakes....

 Coolest Birthday Cakes


  Art Eats Bakery

 Peace of Cake

Sometime....when I have even more time on my hands....I'll try to find the picture of an owl cake that my sister-in-law had made for my birthday one year!!!
Yes....owls are an addiction!!!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and mine!!!


  1. wow! everthing looks yummy and beautiful!!!
    I love your blog and all the scriptures!!!stop by

  2. SOO precious!
    Im bookmarking this post
    Thanks dear


  3. Great post, Deb, filled with so many really cute ideas!

  4. Those are really cute. I'm going to check out some of them to see if there's anything I can use at school!

  5. I like the graham cracker owls and the cake with the almond slivers.

    I thought of you this morning when I rediuced my owl soap savers in my shop. I think of you everytime I see an owl :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  6. Too cute. Only you would find owlie things to eat, especially if there is chocolate involved. You are special. Love ya! :)

  7. These are so cute! Thanks for searching these out!


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