Friday, November 5, 2010

Five on Friday!

Oh, what a week this has been!!!
I'm very much glad that it's Friday.  I spent 3 nights away from my hubby....and I don't know who missed each other the most!!!  
So....since this week has been pretty hectic for me....I'm gonna do a 
"Five on Friday" post....and share a bit of my week with y'all....

1)  God helped me along my weight loss journey for a reason....well, lots of reasons....but, I truly feel that if I were still eating so much junk/sweet/carbs....I wouldn't have had the energy and strength to help Jess this week.  One night I was pretty tired....but I felt God speak to me in that "still small voice"...."you take care of Jess....and I'll take care of you".
Ain't God good?
Oh, yes HE is!!!
HE is my very best friend....what would I do without HIM?!?
I certainly am  glad that I don't have to know!!!

2)  I received another "sweet reward" this week.  God  sends us a blessing just when we need it.   Look at a couple of blessings that came my way....
I "won" these from Ms. Lori @ Waterstone.  Most of you know how much I LOVE purses....and that I enjoy making my these....

       Large tote bag made using a Mola 
 Another Mola one....if you get a chance, research how those panels are made....fascinating!!!
 I really like the fabric designer "Tula Pink"!  
I made this purse using her design called 
 And....most of you probably remember this one that I made out of a leather jacket that I bought Pappy when we were dating....35 years ago!!!

And....for those of you who don't already know....
The book is has so many great ideas in it. Another amazing thing is the talent of Ms. Lori!!!
Check her out when you get a chance!!!
3)  One day this week, I did something that I had felt God prompting me to do for quite some time.  
If any of you had been following Jeremiah 29:11 on Facebook....and can no longer find me on there....well, I "deactivated" my personal account, which probably closed Jeremiah 29:11, also.  It was a very personal that I was reluctant to do for quite some time....but Facebook isn't good for me for several different reasons.  
So....after I did what I felt God asked me to do....I discovered that I won a $40 shop credit from Ms. Ashley @ Our Daily Chocolate.  The credit is at the Etsy shop of The Bead Girl....and here's what I'll be using my credit to purchase....
Can you even  begin to believe it?!?
I couldn't either!!!
Ain't God good?
Oh, yes HE is!!!

Now...some people will say I'm lucky....or what a coincidence....NOPE....not at all....
....IT'S NOT ODD....IT'S GOD!!!
4)  I can't do a list and not include something about a GRAND-son.  If our baby GRAND-son gets too tired....he has a very difficult time going to sleep at night. night this week, that happened....and he cried for his Nannie.  It was breaking my heart, and I kept hoping he would go on to sleep....but "Nannie hold me" was  tearing me apart.  His Momma went in to console him....but he kept crying, "No, Nannie rock me".  I could barely get in and out of the room for the big head it gave me!!!
GRAND-sons....are GRAND!!!
Yet another sweet, sweet blessing from the Lord!!!

5)  Finally....#FIVE
It just wouldn't be Friday....without a recipe!!!
I found this recipe at How Does She for 
German Chocolate Drizzle Cake.
Head on over there for the complete recipe....and more tempting pics!!!
So....that's a bit about my week!!!

HOPE all of you have a great weekend!!!
Don't  forget to check back Monday for the winner of the little owlie.  
If you haven't already signed up to's not too late!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. OK, now....I had to laugh...You started off with weight loss and ended with a chocolate recipe! LOL

    GOD is good!

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. Hi I'm your newest follower!

    Follow back?

    Beautiful blog =)

  3. yay for the awards you received. and the purses are simply beautiful!!


  4. Let's see, I just spent the better part of this morning hopping around your kids, crafts, chores, my walk/job but you get the idea. I am so impressed with your pictures and look at the weight loss, you go girl.
    I love the grandma coming out in you. Your grandbabies are beautiful.
    Your handbags are terrific. My crafting buddy love owls too, in fact just sent me a pattern for one. Is she hinting about Christmas?
    That chocolate cake looks fantastic. Not in my calorie plan right now but if someone else was to make it I could have just a tiny piece.
    Thanks for all of your blog. I love what you did with facebook. I haven't closed my account yet but I have edited it to nothing and the next is closing it. It just doesn't fit me and my blog takes care of anything I want to share.
    Take care and have a most blessed afternoon.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24