Friday, April 15, 2011

Fantastic Friday - Edition #14

If you stopped by last Friday and I wasn't "home"....I apologize!  We're back up and running this week, though, and HOPE all of you have lots to share about what a fantastic week you've had!
I've had an emotional week.  You know that old saying "when it rains, it pours"?  Well, that could totally apply to mine and Pappy's week!!!  I'll spare you the details....but, let me just say....
"it'll all come out in the wash"!!!  
Did y'all know that old sayings are one of my favorite things?
;-) up and visit others who link up and say "hello"....maybe even leave a comment that you found them thru Jeremiah 29:11.  I know a lot of you who are my bloggy friends have gotten to know each other thru our little linky party!!!

HOPE each of you have a great Friday....and a wonderful weekend!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

P.S.  If you get a chance, check out my 
"What I'm Reading" page above.  I'm no authority by any means....and I only read certain types of books....but these have spoken to my heart and might interest y'all, too.
(yes....I'm very aware that I'm a slow reader...;-) 


  1. Thanks for being YOU!

    GOD"s beautiful gift to us in blog land!


  2. I have nothing but praises this week but then that happens when we forget to focus on ourselves and just follow Him, doesn't it?

  3. Found you through Never Growing Old: Follow Back Friday. I'm your newest follower via Google Friends.
    I'll look forward to becoming better acquainted.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  4. I'm off to my church women's retreat which starts this afternoon! :) Thanks something to be thankful for.

  5. I am here, linked up and ready to vist!!!
    I also want you to know I have had a rollercoaster ride this week when I say: I am offering up my prayers for you, you can bet I mean it. I know full well what a praying friend can do!!
    Be still and Know- my friend,


  6. Dear Deb, Hubby says we have to go..headed out for a date. :o) Thanks so much for this lovely linky party. You're a jewel!

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  7. Hi Deb, I'm having a fantastic Friday because I just found out TODAY I'm gonna be great granny again ! ! WooHoo

  8. I love the new spring look Deb!

  9. I've put off commenting hoping things would brighten up here a bit...(lots of menopause and teenagers this week...)and it has. The sun is shining and the storm is past...literally and figuratively!
    Becky Jane

  10. Well, Hello there I'm from Java's follow Friday, and I'm you latest follower. Nice to meet you. What a wonderful blog you have here. I must go browse when I'm done. Have a great weekend.

  11. Weeks like this(mine & yours) just make me yearn for home. And fill me with gratitude that I am NOT alone!!
    Happy Friday:)

  12. This is my new favorite blog : ) I am thoroughly enjoying reading your old posts!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24