Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh, so soft.....

....describes this yummy yarn!!!

I told y'all I'd been busy, busy, busy.  
I've been so blessed to have gotten several requests for my little owlies and scarves....and hats!!!  In between those "orders"....I've also had some requests from family members!!!  Here' s the latest scarf I made for Jess (our daughter) to go with a beret I gave her....sorry, but I didn't  get a pic of the beret!!!

In place of fringe, that I get a bit tired of....I opted to crochet a bit of a "ruffle" on each end!!!
I can't share the pattern....because I made it up.  It's just double crochet.  The rows with the "holes" are double crochet, chain one, skip a stitch, and double in the next. The ruffle is a row of double crochet....then, two doubles in each stitch in the second row....and the two end rows are the same as the "holes" in the main scarf body!!!  
Make sense?!?!



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  1. Very pretty! Would love to see the beret with it. Perhaps she could model for you?


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