Tuesday, July 29, 2014


(this post is somewhat a continuation of "Square Pegs")

On-line Games.....
Smart phones.....
Social Media!!!

One of the reasons that I decided to step away from the blog a few weeks ago was to take a time to regroup.  
I had become so connected that I was disconnected.
Does that make sense?

Several months ago, I deleted my Facebook account because of that very thing.....
along with other reasons!!!
(for a couple of awesome articles about that topic, 
click here and here)

But, I found that there are still way too many things that keep me connected to the world, that I get more and more disconnected from my family and my true friends....
but most importantly from God!

I also had to delete a couple of games that I had downloaded on the Kindle and my phone that were taking up way too much of my time.  I realized this one night as I sat and played a game and hadn't picked up my Bible at all that day because I had gotten sidetracked earlier in the morning.

Just keepin' it real, y'all!
I could just imagine how disappointed God was in me.

So how 'bout y'all?
Do you sometimes feel that you're so connected.....
that you're disconnected?
Or, am I the only one?!?!

Breathing in Grace,


p.s....please know that I'm in no way condemning anybody who uses any form of social media, especially Facebook.  
I heard an awesome story on our local news recently about a lady who found her long lost sister via Facebook. 
It certainly has a lot of positive things going for it.  
I'm just saying that God convicted my heart to close my account almost 3 months ago, and I have had no desire to go back!


  1. YES! I struggle with this daily! I feel conviction from God all the time about it. I step away and think to myself 'how refreshing' and then, in no time, it seems I am there again.

  2. Debbie, yes, I have too at times been so connected that I've felt disconnected. As a matter of fact, I've been pondering some things along this same line...and I've been praying. Not sure where it will all lead, but know that there is something here for me to seek His direction in. Thanks so much for sharing your heart.

  3. Oh yes! So many distractions!

  4. I appreciate your realness and honesty my friend. So many things of this world that Satan uses to cause us to be disconnected. I too need to take a look at what it is keeping me DISCONNECTED! Hugs and blessings Cindy

  5. This post really got me to thinking and yes, I agree. Sometimes I do feel disconnected, especially when I'm always on Pinterest and watching too much TV. My morning ritual usually starts with prayer and reading my bible, but sometimes life happens and it interrupts my time with God. Unless I'm going to bible class in the evening, I don't usually make up for it by reading my bible later in the day, so I know I need to make more time for God.

  6. I agree, too often electronics take our attention away from more important things and people. Sounds like you are on the right track Deb.
    I have to admit this post confused me at first, I felt like the blonde in those many jokes. I thought it was the square pegs post and didn't read in to it further until just now. Silly me!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24