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Monday, July 13, 2015

And then this happened......

We bought a pot of flowers at Lowe's back in the spring but I can't remember what they're called.  
(if any of you can tell me, that would be awesome)
One reason I wanted them is because they're perennials so hopefully we can enjoy them for many years.   
I thought the little tag in the pot said that the flower bloomed, 
but all it would do is continue to look like it was going to bloom, 
and then it would just put out more leaves.  
Each time that happened, I would get a bit disappointed.

Until one day last week, when I caught a glimpse of purple.....

I couldn't help but think about how often something similar happens in my own life 
when God tries to teach me a lesson.
I think I've finally "got it" only to have to be taught again.....
and again.....
and even again sometimes.....
until I realize that He's not going to give up until I learn whatever the lesson might be.  

Are all those times wasted?  
I don't think so because they serve to grow me and develop my faith until FINALLY, there's progress and just like the flower.....
I bloom!

♫ ♫   He's still working on me
To make me what I need to be.
It took him just a week to make the moon and the stars
The sun and the earth and Jupiter and Mars.
How loving and patient He must be
'Cause He's still workin' on me. 
♫ ♫ 

Although this is usually a children's song, 
I'll never grow too old to learn.
After all.....
I'm a child of God!

Happy Monday, Everybody!

Breathing in Grace,


  1. Good Morning, Your plant is "Sedum, Autumn Joy." It is a wonderful addition to the garden. Drought tolerant and blooms in late summer/fall. The bumblebees love the nectar! A wonderful analogy you have shared also, this a.m. God bless your day.

    1. Thank you sooooo much for letting me know what the plant is. I really like it and I'm so glad it will come back each year. I'm excited to see it in full bloom! HOPE your day is blessed, too, Ms. Mildred!

    2. Debbie, I want to let you know that once these "pink" blooms have turned a deep red, you can cut them off (with a little of the stem) and the plants may even bloom again before frost. Here in Georgia, we can break off a stem of this plant and just "poke" it in the dirt, tap it in and the next year, you have a brand new plant. These plants will die back and completely disappear during winter, but will come back early spring. Enjoy!

    3. Oh, that's so good to know. I did have a piece of one of the stems break off and I put it in water and it rooted. I'm glad I can separate them and put them in different areas of our yard.

  2. Beautiful. An yes, this a lesson from our Lord :)

    1. Thank you, my sweet Netherlands' Friend. HOPE Monday is good to you! ;-)

  3. {I just knew and was going to suggest Mildred would know!! How delightful, smiles}--yes, indeed, lessons from the Lord are a beautiful thing. Sometimes, we (in general) need to be taught or reminded in only a way he can only show us. Have a lovely Monday, friend. Blessings

    1. I know that I don't always listen/learn from HIM...but I'm trying to do better. HOPE you had a much more peaceful weekend and your week goes well. Prayers for you.

  4. A beautiful plant! It was worth waiting for the blooms to come out. Beautiful lesson to learn, my friend. The phrase "Bloom where you are planted." came to mind too as I was reading this. This is a lesson I'm having to learn. Have a blessed day.

    1. It was worth the wait....not that it's blooming!!! LOL The "wait" is what gets to me, waiting on the Lord. Often, I go and totally mess things up by trying to go ahead of Him. HOPE you have an awesome day, Ms. Melanie!

  5. Awe...I love this Deb. What a wonderful lesson this morning for me! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    1. Thank you, my Friend. HOPE you have an awesome week....loved the pics of the birthday party. ;-)

  6. Great lesson, Debbie - and you'll love this plant. Mine just keep growing I've divided them many times - running out of space and don't need one more flower bed!

    1. I wish we lived closer to each other and we could share our flowers!

  7. The purple flowers are lovely, but I have no idea what they are. Glad a few of your other friends here did know! Your message today is perfect as is the song you chose to share.

  8. There are a few varieties of sedum, and after looking at yours again, it might be Vera Jaimeson which is similar to Autumn Joy. Just wanted to mention that.

  9. Your plant is autumn joy; it gets bronze colored flowers during the winter. drought tolerant; can be in a large pot

  10. Vera Jaimeson is a sedum , but a ground cover type of sedum used in and around rocks


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