Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday's Word - Unity.....

Remember the new hummingbird feeder I showed y'all that I found on my thrift store trip a couple of weeks ago with our daughter?  I placed it in the window not too far away from our other feeder.  I didn't realize how feisty those little creatures can be.  This past Saturday, there were four of them chasing each other around and making all kinds of noise, fighting over the feeders.  At one point, I asked out loud, 

"Why can't you fellows just get along?".

Which leads me to today's word.....

This isn't exactly what Mr. Lincoln said, 
but since it goes along with my train of thought today, I'm going to share it anyway.....

All of us want to be right.....right?
We would love to wake up in the morning and  everything that happens to us throughout the day be EXACTLY like we want.  We know for a fact that isn't going to happen because there's this thing that each of us are going through.....


Life is full of ups and downs and disappointments and we certainly can't expect every single situation we're faced with to turn out in our favor.  But, then, maybe we can.  Think about it.  If we're trusting God with our life, then even those things that occur that we would rather not have to face are for our own good, aren't they?  So much depends on our attitude and how we accept whatever is happening (or refuse to accept and fuss and gripe and moan and groan over something that can serve to be a learning experience).

So, back to being united with others.
Does that mean we're going to always agree?
I've lived with my husband for over 38 years and I can certainly tell you that there have been MANY times we didn't agree, and I'm quite sure there will be many more.  That doesn't mean we aren't united.  When we come along side another person, we have to very often agree to disagree, but hopefully as we grow and mature we can do that with respect for one another and not demand our way.

I've taken the long road to come to this conclusion.....

HOPE everybody has an awesome Wednesday!!!

Breathing in Grace,


  1. An excellent post. We just need to turn it over to God and trust in Him. Always. And follow His lead to love one another.

    1. A man was asked if he had turned his problem over the Lord and his reply was, "Yes, many times". LOL That's something that I just read recently, but oh, how much truth is in that. You have such a strong faith, my much more than mine at time! :( HOPE you have an excellent day!

  2. I have missed you my friend. Heart touching post for me this morning Deb. I needed this more than you know! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    1. Oh, how I've missed you, too. So glad you're back!!!

  3. Beautifully well said, friend. And I can tell you with complete certainty my husband would say that living with me is not a piece of cake, lol. Have a beautiful day friend.

    1. Living with me can't be easy, either!!! ;-) Thanks so much for stopping by and encouraging me!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24