Thursday, March 24, 2016

{ Holy Week }

I meant to post this early in the week, but hopefully it will still be of interest to y'all. In 2009 I posted each day of what we call Holy Week.....the week leading up to Easter.....what Jesus did each day. Some of the pictures aren't showing up, and for some reason the videos don't seem to be working. I apologize for that, but you can still get a visual in your mind of the days leading to the death, burial, and resurrection of our precious Jesus. Just look above at the page titled, Holy Week and follow the links. I'd love for you to share what this special season means to you. 


  1. We often have this discussion in our home...thank you sweet friend for the reminder. Blessings

  2. I often think of what He must have been feeling during this time years ago. My 'worldly' thinking puts Him in 'worldly' anticipation, dread, and pain. My 'spiritual' thinking takes me to a Man who was filled with love for His creation, for His children. His sacrifice for me is scarred on my heart. Thank You Lord Jesus.

  3. Mary (above) said it well! I often think of His Mother, Mary. She had to know what was to come, but it still had to nearly break her into pieces and crush her heart. I am humbled by Her devotion and by His supreme sacrifice for me/us. If only I can be worthy.


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