Thursday, April 28, 2016

{ My Summer Work-Out Routine }

Add this little machine to the mix.....

Weedeater 20" Deck Push Mower  Briggs & Stratton Engine
.......and, that's about all the exercise (besides my walking) that this old gal can handle these days.

What about y'all?
Do you have an exercise routine?
Do you go to the gym?
(I've never sat foot in a gym.....
which you could have guessed by looking at me.....LOL)

HOPE everybody has a Terrific Thursday.

You remember what tomorrow is, right?
(Friday Foto Friends)


  1. That looks like a good work out to me! I try to walk and if the weather isn't good, I have some Leslie Sansone walking DVDs. With the fibro, I have to be careful with what I do to not cause a flare up. Sounds like a good excuse to me anyway! Have a great day.

  2. Yes, a few years ago my hubby and I joined a gym,didn't last long though. I have used about all those items in your photo.Today I have bad knees and doctor told me walking is the best exercise. We have to do what works best for us I suppose.
    Have a good day exercising,Debbie! I am going to get a cuppa tea.


  3. Our little town has a great gym, it belongs to the city and membership is very inexpensive. After Mr D had his heart attack we went everyday, so faithful...and then....every couple of days....and then, maybe once a week....and then......I think you see where I'm going with this. We need to go back and talk about it often and we still just sit here. I'm so mad at us!! Our motivation don't motivate anymore.

  4. There are several gyms here in Lakeland and I've never been to any of them. In my younger years I had a membership in a gym and went faithfully for two weeks. You know, I just don't like using a locker room with no privacy and I don't like using machines that have other people's sweat on it. I just am not a gym person. I also don't do yard work, so all those tools are lost on me! You have probably figured out that I live a very sedentary life these days.

  5. you made me smile, thanks. I have never been in a gym either

  6. Walking is my best exercise, but I have slacked off for the past few months. I need to get with it. We have free membership at a fitness center, but have used it one time. My bad.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24