Thursday, July 28, 2016

{ Keeping it clean }

Happy, Thursday, Friends.

I've got a somewhat different post for y'all today.....
a recommendation.

Several years ago I heard about cleaning cloths that you could get from having a "party".  Their cloths are very high $$$ and I really wanted some of them but I'm pretty cheap frugal about most things.  I've also learned that very often if we'll just wait that God will bless us with something even better.
(desires of our heart, right?)

ALDI is one of my very favorite places to shop and look what I found on a recent trip.....

Did you notice the price?  Four of these cleaning cloths for $3.99 which is a fraction of the cost of just one cloth from the other company.  My favorite thing about them is they require NO cleaning chemicals.  They can be used wet or dry.   

Each one has embroidered on the bottom what it's use is for and I've tried out 3 of them so far.  They've all been laundered and still look good as new.  

the one for glass.....

just dampened it and wiped down some of the windows and they worked great.

I can't tell you that these are the same quality as from the original company, but they're plenty good enough for me.  I also got our daughter a set.  She's going to use hers to designate certain chores for our grand-kiddos.  ;-)

If you'd like a set of these, head to your nearest ALDI.  I got these just last week, so hopefully they still have them in stock.  I'm so excited that we're fixing to get a brand new ALDI  closer to where we live......
(another desire of my heart.....;-)

HOPE y'all have a Terrific Thursday.

See you tomorrow for FFF.


  1. We have an ALDI here in Lakeland but it is way up on the north end of town (10 miles from our house) so we rarely go up that way. I may have to make a special trip and check it out. Thanks for reminding me that ALDI is so great!

  2. I saw those the other day...I will have to go back --my husband has some that he uses for the car--they are specially designed just for the car. Have a beautiful day friend.

  3. We have a new ALDI opening up soon. We were by there the other day and looks like they're stocking now. I would love to try the cleaning cloths, maybe they'll have them! Have a great day!

  4. What great cloths! We don't have an Aldi near me unfortunately. I'm glad you finally found them at a good price! Have a great day.

  5. There isn't an Aldi in our town but there is one an hour away where my sisters live. Wouldn't mind having some of these.


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