Monday, August 8, 2016

{ I yam what I yam }

I've been told I'm a "deep thinker".
I am a pretty serious old gal.
I find myself trying to see a "reason" or a "why" or a meaning in most every thing that is said and done, movies I watch, books I read.

Many don't like my blog for some of the reasons stated above, and probably a host more, if the truth were known.

"She talks about God too much".
"She thinks she's  better than others because she's a Christian."

Oh, listen, if y'all could get inside my head you'd see that oh, my word that ain't the truth at all.  I have so many insecurities and faults and let my mouth run when there should be a muzzle put on it (that's with my husband). I voice my opinion and tell it like it is and point out when I see injustices done, like speaking out in a Facebook post about a political cartoon that was in such poor taste and I knew it would hurt those of a certain skin color, our grand-daughter included (thank the good Lord she's too young to understand those things right now, but she will soon and it breaks my heart for her).  I get my feelings hurt easily because, like my Daddy used to tell me I carry them around on my shoulder just daring somebody to knock them off.  And, another lady told me I get offended really easily, and that statement offended me.....
but it was the truth and that hurt my feelings because they were barely balancing on the tip of my shoulder.

So, you see, I'll be the first to criticize and make fun of and put down.....

I get fussed about for that, too.

But, I've come to this conclusion......

God made me and He's not  gonna stop working on me until I take my last breath.  He loves me in spite of my faults because He looks inside of me and sees something that I definitely don't see myself 99% of the time.  Then, he sends somebody right smack dab in the middle of the Wal-Mart to say something that is so kind and knew that I needed to hear because of my current state of feeling unloved and unwanted and insecure. (I know I'm on my pity pot, don't need anybody to point that about the teetering feelings above).  This person was somebody I'd been feeling angry at (yes, I know that's a sin) because of something he did that inadvertently affected me and he had no idea that I was feeling that way but he said something that he'd also said to me in the past and I realized that he had taken some advice I'd been giving him for years and years and......
well, I walked away knowing I'd just had an encounter with the good Lord.

(re-read about finding meaning and "why" in EVERYTHING that happens to me).

So, for those of you who know me really well, you had to see this statement coming, right?

Ain't God good?

Oh, yes HE is!!!


  1. Amen sweet friend!!! You made the comment you wanted to be just like me when you grew up, no, please don't say that...I have always been head strong, pretty much like a pit bull (oh wait, my zodiac is a ram, lol). I lack the patience to deal with a lot of things...hubby is constantly telling me to just slow down and see the bigger picture. We balance it each other out, as he is very socialible. I remember my parents use to get notes sent home (as a matter of fact, Deb, I have those notes) from my teachers that said,"Linda doesn't like to play with others." Well, zippity do da day, lol.

    I am thankful for my Lord and Savior, Deb. You keep on being who you are, God put us together for a reason...and I was just telling a fellow blogger the very same thing. Ain't God good? YES HE IS, ALL THE TIME!!!

    Love ya sweet friend...smiles.

  2. You've never offended me by anything you've said. I believe we are all entitled to our opinion and if my view is different that's my right also...keep on keeping on Deb! God is good and wiser, He made us all different for a reason...maybe to help someone see things a little different. I need help often, I'm a little slow at learning sometimes (a lot).


  3. People who speak their mind, but not in a hurting or cutting fashion are a treasure. You always know where they stand and how they really feel about things and you. I think that is a big plus that you feel comfortable speaking what you feel. You temper it with God's love and compassion but you don't hold back. I too am like that at times and I know that God working in me to be more mindful of what I say. As you say He's doing that for you too. In these days, we can't be too outspoken for the Lord because if we don't do it, who will? You are a treasure, my friend.

  4. God sure is good! Deb, I love your blog and I love you. The things you post, all or a few, can relate to. You open your heart and that opens mine, to know we all walk the same path at one time or another. Your closeness to God is a beautiful testimony of who you really are. Stay true to Him and stay true to yourself. You are a blessing. Love you my dear fried.

  5. Deb, I think its wonderful that you uphold your faith in God and share it with anyone who wants to see. There are always going to be people who object to ANYTHING that is said or done so please don't stop sharing your stories with us, you may be more of a blessing to more people than you realize and the ones who object are losing out!

  6. You also are precious to the Lord, in spite of all your "problems" and "failures". I love you Deb.

  7. Oh my, Deb. Your posts are always uplifting and inspiring to me. I'm not afraid of saying it like it is either, so that 'ain't no lie' my friend! Glad you had that encounter in Walmart. We just never know when God will speak to us, or how. The important thing is to be listening and open to His 'magic' in our lives! Love & hugs to you!

  8. Wow! You said a mouthful of good stuff there Debbie! Thank you for being YOU, because YOU are pretty special just the way God made you. The world needs more sensitive help those who are hardened by this old world to see the beauty and hope that is in you through Christ. Don't ever apologize for being who you are, because you are a child of the King...and He created you perfectly to be just what He needs you to be! I am just getting to know you...and I am thankful God brought you across my path.

  9. I don't know you well yet Debbie but I tend to like serious people, and those that make me laugh too :-) I'm so glad you had a wonderful God encounter during your shopping expedition. God is so good.

  10. And God made us just the way we are... Yes, He is good!

  11. " current state of feeling unloved and unwanted and insecure."

    All I know is it is not God's will for us to feel this way.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24