Sunday, August 7, 2016

{ SONday Morning Songs - Hee Haw Quartet }

  I follow a gentlemen on Face book who was my Algebra I and II teacher in high school.  He was one of my all-time favorite teachers, although I feared for my life (and safety) in his class.  I'm just kidding, but he did instill a "healthy fear" into his students.  My favorite memory of being in his class was the day we returned to school after being out for snow.  My paternal grandfather had passed away during the snow break and when I went to Algebra that day he came up to me and told me how sorry he was about the loss of my Pappy, that he had seen his obituary in the paper.  This goes to show to NEVER EVER hesitate to show kindness.  Here I sit typing this 46 years later and it still brings tears to my eyes at this man's kind words to me when I was only 15 years old!  Mr. Blalock posts things that are near and dear to my own heart and he recently shared a video of the Hee Haw Gospel Quartet.  Did y'all enjoy that show as much as I did?  Here are a couple of songs I found that bring back sweet memories to me, especially the first one, "I'll Fly Away".  That was my precious Daddy's favorite song.

This has always been a favorite of mine, "Just A  Little Talk With Jesus."

Happy SONday, Friends!

HOPE everybody has an awesomely blessed day.

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  1. You have already blessed my day this morning,Deb. I loved listening and singing along,these are two of my favorite "old" time songs. I say old because you just don't hear them sung anymore,now I love the new gospel songs but these olden ones always touches my heart. Have a blessed Sonday!
    I did watch and loved Hew Haw!

  2. You brought back fond memories of my parents watching Hee Haw :) I think it is just wonderful that you have stayed connected to a school teacher after all these years. It was endearing to stop here this morning. Blessings!

  3. Oh my, yes I remember that show! Always fun. Tennessee Ernie Ford was my Grandma's favorite singer. I love those old gospel songs. We still sing them at times in our church. Have a blessed day, my friend.

  4. My husband loves Hee Haw...we both grew up watching that. Thank you for such a lovely post this hot Sunday morning. smiles

  5. I remember the show but never watched it.
    I love your header. It would make a great jigsaw puzzle. : )

  6. Your header is wonderful! I have fond memories of watching HeeHaw when I was away from home for the first extended time as a college student.
    That is a special memory of your teacher. How nice to connect with him years later.

  7. I have always loved the HeeHaw Quartet. I bought their CD for my ex-father-in-law a couple of years before he passed away because he enjoyed them so much. Remember when it came on and still see reruns occasionally! Never had Mr. Blalock as a teacher but always had a "healthy" respect for him.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24