Monday, October 10, 2016

{ Make-it Monday ]

A few years ago I spotted this sweater on the blog Tea Rose Home and knew I would someday want to create one of my own.

Image result for tea rose home sweater
(click on the picture to go to the tutorial for the  flowers)

I purchased a sweater on sale at Wal-Mart for around $5 and have had it laying around for quite awhile just waiting on me to get in the right mood, or frame of mind, or to get up enough courage to tackle this gorgeous creation.

I recently got up the nerve to give it a try.   Mine didn't turn out nearly as pretty as this one,  but I'm pleased with it.  I didn't put the lace around the bottom, or back, or the sleeves.  I think that might be more for a younger lady.  

Here's my copy.....

Anybody else got a project you've completed or are working on for this "Make-it Monday"?

HOPE everybody has a marvelous day!


  1. I think your sweater turned out very pretty, Deb!

  2. Oh, MY! That is SO unique! I so admire your talent.
    Looks like a wonderful sweater to wear as the days grow chillier!

  3. Very pretty! It certainly is very unique. No other one like it out there. You should get lots of compliments!

  4. Oh Wow!!! I am impressed!!!That is beautiful! One question, is it washable? I have a tendency to ruin things with a splash of tea or something, so I am really cautious of things that I can't wash. But that is so lovely...I would be willing to take a chance and wear it proudly...if I could make something like that. I am not crafty, but always appreciate others' hard work and creativity. Lovely!!!!

  5. That is lovely and you have something no one else does. Great job. The only thing I make is a mess when I try something like that! ;-)

  6. No projects here, but your sweater looks fabulous!! Great job!

  7. This is a beautiful sweater! Love the beautiful flowers... doesn't it feel great to complete a project you've had on the back burner for a while! :)

  8. That is so pretty! Yes it is as pretty as the store-bought one!!! You've inspired me to give it a try!!!


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