Wednesday, October 12, 2016

{ Wednesday's Words - Divine Appointment }

I had meant to share something with y'all before now, but I'm finding in my old(er) age that if I don't do something "right now", then it just doesn't get done.  Am I alone in this boat?!?!? ;-)  I'm sharing today because of a couple of things.  Our music minister challenged us SONday to look for divine appointments this week - a chance to share the Lord with others and then one of my devotions this week spoke of the very same thing.  I had to kinda laugh at how God got my attention so I'm thinking He REALLY wanted me to share these little stories with y'all!

A few weeks ago Pappy and I were at a thrift store and I had noticed a man and woman shopping there, too.  I smiled at them....I try to ALWAYS smile at people because......
well, just maybe it'll cheer them up if they're having a down day.  I was looking at some shoes and the  gentleman  walked up behind me and started talking about the prices at this particular store (which, are great, by the way) and as we chatted I learned that he had a malignant brain tumor and had recently had a gamma knife procedure. As usual, the conversation turned to how great our God is and the blessings He had poured out on this man and his family and I told him about the situation Pappy and I are in with his injury and job and how I felt God had ordained our meeting because it had blessed my heart to talk with him.  We got his name and told him we would be praying for him (please add Tom to your prayer list). Before we left the store, we had hugged and shared a precious Christian fellowship with somebody we had only just met.

Only a  couple of days after this, we were in another thrift store and I was looking through the skirts and a lady and I passed each other.....
and I smiled at her!
She smiled back and then I noticed she put her purse down on the floor and was digging through it looking for something.  I went on past her and down another rack of skirts and she came up behind me and started talking to me about prayer and how powerful it is.  She told me she had a tumor on her pituitary gland that turned out to be non-cancerous and she felt God had answered her prayer for healing.  She asked if I'd like a prayer card and she handed me a little bag that had a stack of at least 50 little cards and told me to choose one.  Here's the one I picked out.....

God truly blessed me with these encounters and I feel a lot of the reason it happened began with just smiling at these people.  My friend Cindy (Creations by Cindy) says that "Spirit knows Spirit".  It had nothing to do with me, but Christ in me that led to these conversations.

Often we're not even looking for the divine appointments.  All it took for these two was a smile and from that point on God took over.  Oh, wait.....
I kinda believe He was the one Who even prompted the smile in the first place!

Ain't God good?
Oh, yes He is!


  1. Divine appointment for sure! I imagine you were a blessing to them as much as they were to you. We never know when we are out what God may have in store for us. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh I love it when we truly realize the divine appointments of Christ. How precious that the Lord placed two different people in your path like this. LOVE the prayer card. And yes my dear friend....Spirit knows Spirit! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. We are surrounded by needs AND opportunities, aren't we, Deb? Good for you for being "awake" to those divine appointments!

  4. Oh yes He's good! I've said it before and I'll say it dear friend, you are a blessing to others! ((hugs))

  5. God knows sweet friend---He knows whom to send and whom needs to be spoken too...firm believer...I am the same way, sweet a matter of fact kids (cough college students) and professors are always commenting "What are you smiling about?" REALLY???? Just look around and see the good Lord's beauty. No matter the circumstance, even when I am really mad, smiling is always a thing for me.

    I see Blogger is being fincky yet again, sigh...all is good though...maybe the good Lord wanted me to wait, smiles.

  6. You chose a great verse card to keep and you are so right about the way God works in our lives. Thanks for sharing these two Godly encounters and I bet there were more that day that you didn't even know about. A smile goes a long way when given away!!

  7. This blessed me! (It was a smile on the Internet!)


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24