Friday, January 6, 2017

{ Friday Foto Friends #61 }

It's our first link-up for 2017!

My pics this week are kind of a mish-mash of things I captured on my cell phone while we were out and about.

I love the look of bare trees in the wintertime.

The bright spot in the sky actually looked like a rainbow, but it didn't show up well in the pic. 

Buds on a pink dogwood tree that I cannot wait to see burst open next spring.

Isn't a Nandina gorgeous in winter? 

The sun was "drawing water".
Have y'all ever heard that term?

 I love the rusted green tin roof on this old farmhouse we often pass by.

That's all for today!
Invite your friends to join us because the MORE the merrier!

HOPE everybody has a great first weekend of 2017!


  1. Thanking you for your always so terrific photos, darling Debbie, I'm expressing all my gratitude to you for hosting me today !

    Hope you're having a lovely week,
    I'm sending many blessings on your New Year just begun,
    enjoy jour weekend ahead with gladness

    Xx Daniela

  2. Beautiful pics for the time of the year.I certainly don't know, what is meant by 'the sun is drawing water.' May be it is that it will rain soon!

  3. Love the nature photos. I think my favorite one is the bare tree. :) Have a day and weekend of blessings Debbie.

  4. Happy New Year! So happy to be here with you for the first Friday Foto Friends of 2017! Love your winter pics...esp.the rusty green roof on the old house. Love that look! Looking forward to a great year here together! Thank you again for making this possible!!!

  5. Oh how I love that farmhouse!!! I am partial to old homes, smiling. Hey, I saw the rainbow in your second photo. Great photos, Deb...have a beautiful day friend.

  6. What a great collection for this week. Each one became my favorite as I scrolled along. Blessings

  7. Beautiful pictures Deb, don't ya know there's a lot of precious memories under that old tin roof?!! Happy Friday my friend!

  8. Love your pictures. Beautiful skies!

  9. Beautiful. I love the term drawing water but had never heard that before. When I see the rays coming out of the clouds like that it makes me think heaven is opening up for a peak for our love ones to send us thoughts of love. I was driving to WV to go to Allen's grandfather's funeral and the song Go Rest High on That Mountain came on the radio and I crested the mountain and the sky opened up and it was such a peaceful reminder that he was in a better place. And ever since then, I've noticed when I'm missing a loved one, I usually see those rays on my drive to wherever I'm heading.

  10. Happy 2017 Deb, it's good to be linking back up with you today,after breaking for a few weeks. My now 18 year old granddaughter, when she was a toddler, would call the bare trees..naked trees because they had no leaves on. I thought that was so cute. Love all your photo's!

  11. I so enjoy your posts. I find such encouragement and joy in them every day. Sometimes I don't comment on each post because I am pondering the messages but they always touch my heart.

  12. Great pictures, once again! I haven't heard of "clouds drawing water"!

  13. Great photos today! I've never heard that the sun draws water, but it sure does appear to be doing just that! I like the tin roof too!

  14. I LOVE bare trees in the wintertime!

  15. What lovely winter scenes!


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sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
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